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Universal Colours Volume 6 Autumn/Winter 2022

Progressive designs and considerately sourced materials are key priorities for Universal Colours, a forward-thinking brand that blends high quality with responsible manufacturing. 

For autumn/winter 2022, Volume 6 focuses on functionality and layering. Earthen tones and deep greens are complementary to the changing environment as we see the last of summer disappear. 

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Universal Colours Mono Iceland Riding

Universal Colours Mono

Designed for everyday riding and riders looking for a classic, timeless style with no compromise on quality. Thoughtfully manufactured and engineered for a tailored, ergonomic fit on the bike, the range of cycle clothing and accessories delivers just the protection and comfort you need for riding through the colder months. 

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Universal Colours Spectrum Long Sleeve Jersey Iceland

Universal Colours Spectrum

If style is just as important as performance to you, then the Spectrum range delivers, and the recycled materials and considerate construction methods also sit in line with Universal Colours' values. The garments are cut to create a more aerodynamic silhouette, and the striking designs are sure to turn heads as you train and race through autumn, winter and spring. 


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Universal Colours Chroma Womens Rain Jacket Iceland

Universal Colours Chroma

Chroma garments feature only the finest fabrics and innovative technologies, and are manufactured using environmentally conscious methods, using recycled materials wherever possible. Woven yarns create unmatched durability and performance, alongside superior levels of comfort, bringing a feel of luxury to your rides. 


Our Top Picks


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