Here at Sigma Sports, we've always been about cycling, and have always been actively involved in not just riding, but racing. A history of racing at the highest level within the UK circuit, Sigma has been a name on the results list getting on for twenty years. Partnering with Nuun for the current iteration of the Sigma men's team, the Nuun-Sigma Sports London are a team of non-professional riders, working full-time jobs and balancing family lives whilst giving their training, riding and racing everything they've got - Yes, it is possible.

Upcoming Races:

  • 10/06/2017 - London Nocturne
  • 18/06/2017 - National TTT Championships
  • 29/06/2017 - National Masters Track Championships
  • 05/07/2017 - Guildford Crit
  • 25/07/2017 - Goodwood TTT
  • 26/08/2017 - Chichester Town Centre Crit
  • 10/09/2017 - Dave Creasy Madison

The Nuun-Sigma Sports London Race Team are a dedicated bunch, but their efforts on the road would be nothing without the suppliers, sponsors and manufacturers that provide their wares for the team to test, race, and review. Using a great many products that we stock here at Sigma Sports, the team is fortunate to have the support of some of cycling's biggest brands

So, if you've spotted the kit, and are keen to understand and get hands on with the products producing podiums, and powering a national level cycle team, you can consult the Nuun-Sigma Sports Team Issue Kit Collection.

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