The Giro Apeckx Road Shoes are an exciting proposition; combining dynamic styling, technologically advanced features and comfort into an attractively priced, mid-range road shoe. The only way to find out if this package is as good as it sounds on paper is to put the Apeckx's through their paces and that is exactly what we did.

Giro is relatively new to the cycling shoe market. With a long and distinguished history producing helmets, the Apeckx Road Shoe was one of their first forays into the road shoe sector.

First Impressions

Straight out of the box the Giro Apeckx Road Shoes are definitely eye-catching. In a crisp white colour scheme with black detailing, trim and vents. Subtle Giro logos give the shoes a timeless and stylish appearance. These shoes will look great with a pair of white, or for that matter, any sock or kit colour of your choice. The soft nylon outer material feels high quality, is easy to wipe clean and seems relatively durable against scuffs. These are definitely not a pair of shoes you need to hide under a set of overshoes at the first signs of rain.

My Shimano cleats were a breeze to install, using the handy guide on the sole I was ready to clip in and hit the road.

Fit and Comfort

You may have a fantastic looking pair of shoes but if they make you feel like you have your feet in some sort of torture device you will be looking to take them off at the first opportunity. Always slightly apprehensive about trying new shoes on for the first time I slid my feet in and was instantly impressed. New shoes can often feel stiff and unaccommodating- not with the Apeckx though- straight away they felt spot on. Like a trusty pair of slippers these shoes wrapped seamlessly around my feet providing a comfortable basis to start riding. 

Of course shoe fit is specific to the individual. I found the spacious toe box to be ideal for my foot shape and I also liked how the profile of the shoe became narrower and more streamlined as it reached the rear of the shoe. The heel design was particularly complimentary and supportive. A simple structure yet high at the rear providing a snug, encompassing fit.

To further enhance the fit, offset velcro straps are a neat addition. Offset to minimise hot spots and allowing for easy adjustment on the move. These straps are paired with a replaceable, plastic micro buckle ratchet that is a simple and effective method of dialling the shoe to your exact requirements.

A poorly ventilated shoe leads to sore, hot and uncomfortable feet. Plenty of carefully placed mesh cut outs allow for excellent moisture control. I found after an hours riding in warm conditions my feet still felt fresh and cool. A discrete vent has been added to the toe section on the sole, again, providing good levels of air flow to the feet and preventing hot spots under the ball of the feet. 

There is nothing worse than smelly shoes cluttering up your shoe cupboard, so the Aegis antimicrobial treatment is a welcome addition, definitely an important feature for those stifling hot summer rides. 

The padded tongue is constructed out of a breathable, flexible and lightweight microfiber material that is also used in the upper portion of the shoe.


The Apeckx is billed as a high performance shoe, ideal for road riding, whether racing, training or for sportives. Giro shoes have been used by Bradley Wiggins and Taylor Phinney to devastating effect on the professional cycling circuit.

Although not the flagship model in Giro's road shoe range, the Apeckx uses many of the same features of its bigger brothers. The lightweight construction means these shoes feel effortless when pedalling, with my 43 size ones tipping the scales at 290 grams.

Unlike some of the higher end Easton carbon soled shoes, the Apeckx uses a DuPont Zytel nylon plated sole. Initially I was dubious whether it would be stiff enough, especially when putting power through the pedals. I was pleasantly surprised then to find the sole more than up to the task. Stiff and thin, allowing you to feel connected to the pedals and gives the impression that your effort is going through the shoe to the pedals. The Zytel sole is claimed to be incredibly durable and after walking a bit in them, they show no signs of scratching or wear. The toe and heal pads, although not replaceable also provide grip when walking.

The EVA footbed has been taken from the higher end Giro shoes and provides a performance driven base for power delivery. 

On the road and out of the saddle efforts when climbing and sprinting is often where shoes show their true worth. The Giro Apeckx's stood up to the test, staying rooted to my feet, no slipping or rubbing here. 


After a number of rides testing the shoes climbing, sprinting and cruising along I am impressed. The shoes felt lightweight when spinning and secure when pulling up on the pedals. They offered an exceptional level of fit, normally only associated with a custom pair of shoes at over double the price. A simple design that provides comfort and breathability, even when temperatures begin to rise. If you are looking for a mid-priced high performance road shoe, packed with features and all wrapped up in a stylish design look no further than the Giro Apeckx Road Shoe.

Let us know you thoughts on the Giro Apeckx or if there are any products that you'd like to see us test in the comments section below.