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Assos FuguCap S7 Winter Cycling Cap

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FuguCap S7 Winter Cycling Cap
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Better than ever, the Assos FuguCap s7 Winter Cycling Cap makes layering up for the cold is easier and comfier than ever.

Added insulation over the ears and forehead will be appreciated, and the elastic suspenders to hold eyewear in place are genius. New strataGon airBlock material protects this vulnerable area.

Assos FuguCap S7 Winter Cycling Cap

Building on their exceptional roboCap S7 607 Cycling Cap, this new and improved Assos FuguCap s7 Winter Cycling Cap makes use of their newer materials to give you even better protection and warmth.

Adding in their latest strataGon airBlock material to the front gives you even better protection from the cold in this most exposed area when cycling.

Further insulation comes around the ears and forehead from double layering the RXQ fabric. This is of huge benefit as it targets protection at the most vulnerable areas, whilst allowing others slightly more breathability.

Ingeniously, Assos have incorporated elastic suspenders that will securely hold your eyewear. This is excellent news considering the normally slippery texture of such an item.

As a bonus, there are reflective stripes on the rear for an added safety bonus.

Finally, the skin tight fit that allows it to be worn comfortably under a helmet. This fit is so good, that on wet days you could even pair it with the Assos rainCap s7 Cycling Cap for added warmth.


  • Head size: less than 51 cm: 0
  • Head size 51-56 cm: I
  • Head size 57-60 cm: II


  • Designed for winter
  • Unisex design
  • Construction: two fabrics, eight patterns, five components
  • Improves on the Assos RoboCap
  • Front: strataGon airBlock material for protection
  • Head warmer
  • Skin tight fit
  • Works perfectly under a helmet
  • Double layering around ears and forehead for added protection
  • Elastic suspenders securely hold your eyewear
  • Rear reflective stripes
  • Sizing: head size: less than 51cm: 0, head size: 51-56 cm: I, head size 57-60 cm: II

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