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Assos Zegho Werkmannschaft Sunglasses

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The Assos Zegho Werkmannschaft Sunglasses have been developed in partnership with the famous Carl Ziess lens company.

This has helped to make these some of the clearest glasses on the market. The Tunnel View technology helps to provide clear vision in shady or dark environments, making these glasses perfect for alpine wear.

Assos Zegho Werkmannschaft Sunglasses

Assos' Zegho Werkmannschaft Sunglasses have been developed to provide riders with clear and variable vision. Engineered in a joint venture between Assos' Centro Studio design team and the world famous Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens team.

Through this partnership Assos developed the Tunnel View lens technology. With Tunnel View, the lower third of the lens is clear, followed by a sharp change to reduced light transmission in the upper two-thirds of the lens. This allows a cyclist to enter a tunnel and or shadowed environment without worrying that their world will go dark. This also ensures ultra-clear vision with zero optical distortion and a 180˚ field of view that enables you to 'feel' your surroundings.

100% UV protection and a hydrophobic lens coating keep sweat and rain from hampering your vision and the precision engineered composite construction material of the lens is highly resistant to impact and scratch damage.

The nose bridge utilises the ProAdaptive SkinTouch technology, which ensures a stable fit that minimises movement under sweaty, vibration-filled conditions. The adaptive, UltraFlex frame has been mathematically designed to offer the optimal strength to rate and material to shape ratio. Created by hand, these frames have hydrophobic temple grippers and a no-joint feel that maintains a comfortable fit for mile after mile.


  • Line: Assos high performance eyeProtection
  • ClimaRange: year-round
  • ProductClass: eyeProtection
  • Models / Article No.: zegho Werksmannschaft / white frame / black lens /
  • AEPD: clickFace adaptive skin touch material
  • Sizes: one size fits all
  • Parts: 3 materials, 10 components
  • Weight: 27.5 grams - superleggera
  • UV protection: 100%
  • Water repellent: yes
  • Patent: Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens V-Toric
  • Certified: Assos Werksmannschaft

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