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BBB BSG-43 Replacement Lens

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Customise your BBB BSG-43 sunglasses with the BBB BSG-43 Replacement Lens.

The variety of lens colours, tints and technologies allow you to find what suits your style and your riding conditions best and the 100% UV protection across all of the lenses keeps your eyes protected.

BBB BSG-43 Replacement Lens

The BBB BSG-43 Replacement Lens allows athletes to fully customise their BBB BSG-43 sunglasses with a range of different lenses and a variety of interchangeable lens tints, colours and technologies.

MLC treated lenses have a nine-layer coating that improves contrasts and sharpness across the entire light spectrum. Apart from looking supremely cool, mirrored glasses help to reduce lens flare, helping your vision stay clearer in especially bright conditions.

Yellow lenses are ideally suited to low light conditions as they help to boost contrasts and the sense of brightness. This makes them ideal for morning and evening commutes.

BBB BSG-43 replacement lenses are made from a durable polycarbonate and they are easy to detach and attach to the BSG-43 frames.


  • 100% UV protection
  • A range of differing colours and light technologies suitable for every light condition
  • Compatible with BBB BSG-43 sunglasses only
  • MLC lens technology offers a 9-layer lens coating for exceptional contrasts and sharpness

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