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ENVE 3.4 SES 24 Hole Front Clincher Disc Rim

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3.4 SES 24 Hole Front Clincher Disc Rim

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Ready for a revolution in high performance carbon rims? Well ENVE hope so with their 3.4 SES 24 Hole Front Clincher Disc Rim.

A truly versatile rim, perfect for road, cyclocross and triathlons, the disc specific 3.4 SES is 50 grams lighter than the rim brake version yet still uses the fantastic SMART technology, making this one of the most desirable race rims on the market.

ENVE 3.4 SES 24 Hole Front Clincher Disc Rim

Introducing the ENVE 3.4 SES 24 Hole Front Clincher Disc Rim. A 35-millimetre deep front aero rim is ideal on the flat yet is also more than at home when the road veers skywards on the hills. The 3.4 SES CX Clincher Rim System does not have a rim brake track so it can only be used with disc brakes.

Simon Smart, a renowned aerodynamics engineer with 15 years experience working with some of Formula One's leading teams, was brought on board by ENVE in 2010 and since then has transformed the brand.

Smart recognised a traditional aero rim reduces drag but often leaves the rider fighting the wheel when steering, especially in crosswinds. Therefore, Smart and ENVE developed a rim that offers the perfect balance between aerodynamics and stability. The ENVE Stability Index (ESI) system was born.

Stability and comfort is further provided by a 26-millimetre wide profile, seating the tyre better on the rim and improving control.

What really makes ENVE rims stand out from the competition is the manufacturing process. A process where carbon routing fibres are moulded into the spoke holes, resulting in a high tensioned wheel, minimising spoke breakage and pull through the rim.

With over 100 hours of wind tunnel testing, more than 100 prototype wheels and 1000 test runs, the ENVE 3.4 SES 24 Hole Front Clincher Disc Rim is the optimum race ready rim, available in a stylish UNI finish with stealthy black ENVE decals.


  • 3.4 SES CX Clincher Rim System
  • Front rim only
  • Disc brake only
  • Suitable for road, cyclocross and triathlon
  • 35mm deep rim
  • 24 hole
  • 26mm wide
  • ENVE Stability Index (ESI) for a confident ride even in crosswinds
  • 400 grams in weight
  • 50 grams lighter than rim brake version
  • SMART technology
  • UNI finish with black decals
  • FIVE-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and Lifetime Loyalty Guarantee

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