GoPro Dual Battery Charger with Battery

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Dual Battery Charger with Battery

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If you've got two or more batteries for your GoPro Action Camera, you can charge the batteries faster with this Dual Battery Charger.

It includes a single 1220mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery and has LED lights to display the charging status.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger with Battery

GoPro's Dual Battery Charger includes a spare battery and allows you to charge two simultaneously, speeding up the process when you need to get back out there filming. It uses a standard USB port and if you want even faster charging you can use it with the GoPro Supercharger (purchased separately). There are LED lights for each battery to show you when they're ready to go again.


  • Dual battery charger
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB-C cable (1.5 feet / 0.5 metres)


  • HERO8 Black
  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO6 Black


  • Conveniently charges two GoPro batteries simultaneously
  • Allows you to charge your spare batteries while you use your camera
  • Charges via USB port; for faster charging, use with the optional GoPro Supercharger (International Dual-Port Charger) - sold separately
  • Dual LED lights display charging status of both batteries
  • Includes a spare 1220mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Only compatible with the HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black
  • Includes: Dual battery charger / rechargeable battery / USB-C cable (1.5 feet / 0.5 metres)

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