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Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Vibrating Massage Ball

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At just three inches in diameter, the Hyperice Hypersphere is incredibly compact, lightweight and durable, making it ideal when you're away from home.

This mini vibrating massage ball will release tension fast and has three intensity settings to choose from.

Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Vibrating Massage Ball

The perfect aid to releasing muscle tension and knots after training and racing, or just loosening muscles as part of your daily routine, the Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Vibrating Massage Ball is just three inches in diameter. It's light and durable and uses rechargeable batteries that last over two hours between charge. With three power intensity settings to choose from, the Hypersphere will get deeper into the muscles than simply using a foam roller from improved recovery.


  • Three high-intensity vibration settings (45, 68, 92 HZ)
  • Can be used to activate, soothe or loosen muscles/fascia in the feet, calves, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, shoulders, back and forearms
  • The Hypersphere's high-intensity vibration allows you to release tension and targeted areas deeper than a foam roller
  • Dual exterior (silicone grip texture plus dense shell) for optimal sheering
  • Three inch diameter, ideal size for trigger point release
  • Rechargeable lithium on batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge
  • Travel-friendly: TSA approved as carry-on, light and compact

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