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Maurten Unofficial Gel 100 Box of 12

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Unofficial Gel 100 Box of 12
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Sponsored athletes that want to continue reaping the benefits of Maurten nutrition can remain completely anonymous with this Unofficial Gel 100 Box of 12.

Hydrogel technology is what makes the brand's products unique, delivering large quantities of carbohydrates to your intestine with risking stomach upset. These gels contain only six natural ingredients, have a mild flavour and are easy to digest.

Maurten Unofficial Gel 100 Box of 12

Perfect for endurance events to provide your body with the carbohydrates required for optimum performance, you can now use the Maurten Gel 100 anonymously; ideal for athletes sponsored by other brands. Each gel in this box of 12 from the Unofficial range provides 25 grams of carbs in a 40-gram serving and is almost flavourless and easy to digest. Unique hydrogel encapsulation of the six ingredients means that your body can absorb a larger quantity of carbohydrates per hour; 100 grams - with no risk of stomach upset. During an endurance event, you can consume up to four gels per hour. There are no added flavours or preservative so you know exactly what's going into your body, and there's no need to wash it down with water.


  • Box of 12 x 40 gram gels
  • Boxes and serving packages have an anonymous design
  • Gel 100 is a concentrated carbohydrate solution encapsulated in a biopolymer matrix
  • 40 gram serving (25 grams of carbohydrates per serving)
  • Unique blend of glucose and fructose (ratio of 0.8:1) which enables uptakes of up to 100 grams of carbohydrates per hour
  • Can be used before, during and/or after activity
  • The world’s first energy gel developed by harnessing hydrogel technology
  • Contains only six natural ingredients: Water / glucose / fructose / calcium carbonate / gluconic acid / sodium alginate
  • No flavours or preservatives

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