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NAMEDSPORT Energy Bar and Sports Gel Tour Bundle

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Energy Bar and Sports Gel Tour Bundle
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NAMEDSPORT Energy Bar and Sports Gel Tour Bundle

Keep your cupboards well stocked ready for big days in the saddle with this NAMEDSPORT Energy Bar and Sports Gel Tour Bundle. It contains three boxes of bars and gels, all using advanced ingredients designed to boost energy, reduce fatigue and keep you performing at your best for longer. 

The strawberry flavour puffed rice energy bars are perfect for replacing glycogen during and after exercise. They're made with natural fruit juices for a great taste, are easy to digest on the move, and are suitable for vegetarians. 

Two boxes of gels are included, those that combine a five-carb matrix with 50mg of caffeine to enhance alertness and reduce perceived effort, and those containing glucogenic amino acids which convert easily to glucose, so you get both an instant and long-lasting energy boost. Both can be used by vegans and the sachets have an integrated straw for easy consumption mid-ride or run. 

Ingredients - Strawberry Energy Bar 

Fruit paste 30% (strawberries 35%, apple puree 18%, apple 13%, cherry juice concentrate 10%, concentrated apple juice 10%, fructose syrup, sugar, acid: citric acid; natural flavourings), rice crispies 30% (rice, sugar, barley malt, salt), glucose syrup, dehydrated apple 7%, honey, gluco-oligosaccharide, cold-pressed sunflower oil 3%, flavourings

May contain soy, peanuts, nuts and sesame

Ingredients - Sports Gel Caffeine Formula

Isomaltulose (a source of glucose and fructose), 32.8%, maltodextrins 27.47%, water, dextrose 8.32%, fructose 3.33%, flavour, d-ribose 0.83%, acidifier: malic acid; caffeine, preservative: potassium sorbate. 


Ingredients - Sports Gel Glucogenetic Formula

Isomaltulose (a source of glucose and fructose) 32.8%, maltodextrins 27.47%, water, dextrose 9.15%, fructose 3.33%, glycine, l-alanine, D-ribose 0.83%, flavours, acidified, malic acid, preservative potassium sorbate



  • This bundle is perfect for endurance events
  • Energy bar delivers fast and sustained energy release, vegetarian
  • Sports Gel Caffeine Formula contains 50mg of caffeine per 25ml gel. and a five-carb matrix
  • Sports Gel Glucogenetic Formula features glucogenic amino acids glycine and l-alanine of extra pure quality, which easily convert to glucose in the body
  • Gels are made simple to consume with an easy to use straw
  • Gels suitable for vegans
  • Includes: Energy Bar Box of 12 x 35g (strawberry flavour) / Sports Gel Caffeine Formula Box of 15 x 25ml / Sports Gel Glucogenetic Formula Box of 15 x 25ml

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