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Panaracer Race L Evo 3 Folding Clincher Tyre

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Fast, light, and making use of the new Protite puncture protection material, the Panaracer Race L Evo 3 Folding Clincher Tyre is a quick, durable and resistant tyre that eyes up that podium win.

A top choice for hill climbing and TT racing, this is a skin that will keep traction when you throw it with abandon into a corner, allowing you the confidence to go all out.

Panaracer Race L Evo 3 Folding Clincher Tyre

The Panaracer Race L Evo 3 Folding Clincher Tyre is a super light-weight race tyre, optimised for hill climbing, TT events, and any discipline where your time against the clock is what counts.

The Race L Evo 3 benefits from the Protite puncture material that makes this tyre 24% more puncture resistant than the previous incarnation of the Evo. It also uses an all-weather tread for enhanced durability so you can be sure you'll be putting down a solid performance without cautiously anticipating the corners.

Made in Japan and offering a low rolling resistance, this tyre is of true racing pedigree, and comes recommended for inflation to 110 PSI. Weighing just 175 grams in its smallest iteration, this performance tyre will show itself just as soon as you decide to take things up a gear.


  • Superlight race day tyre, designed for TTs and hill climbs
  • 24% more puncture resistant than Evo 2
  • New proprietary Protite puncture material
  • Improved cornering performance
  • Greater durability
  • All weather tread
  • 175 grams
  • 110 recommended PSI

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