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PowerDot Duo Gen 2 Muscle Stimulator

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Duo Gen 2 Muscle Stimulator

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Powerdot Duo Gen 2 Muscle Stimulator

Designed to take your recovery to the next level, the PowerDot Duo Gen 2 electric muscle stimulator is simple to use for experienced athletes and beginners alike. Controlled via your mobile phone, an app walks you through the process step by step, right the way through from pod placement to a range of workouts to suit your needs. From enhancing performance through a dedicated muscle warm-up, or aiding post-workout recovery, muscle stimulators like the Duo Gen 2 are a revelation for cyclists, runners, triathletes and more.

Blood flow is increased by activating muscle fibres through electrical stimulation. This improves your circulation, which in turn promotes recovery in muscle fibres to increase strength and endurance. Recovering from an injury? The Duo Gen 2 can enhance your recovery, helping you to feel at your best by assisting both the warm-up, cool-down and relieving muscle soreness.

With training recommendations and progress tracking, the accompanying mobile app takes your workout game to new heights. The pods easily sync to your phone, and a range of ten preset training programs look to target your needs. Manual settings are also available, perfect for massaging and relieving stress tension.


  • Controlled via an intuitive mobile app
  • Bluetooth wireless collection
  • Promotes recovery by enhancing blood flow to targeted muscle groups
  • Ten preset workouts to suit all athletes needs
  • Manual mode for targeted muscle rehab
  • Two pods to cover a wide surface area
  • Simple to use, the mobile app takes you through pod placement, workout duration and more
  • Perfect for both warm-up and recovery use

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