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Specialized S-Works Phenom Mirror Saddle

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S-Works Phenom Mirror Saddle

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Specialized S-Works Phenom Mirror Saddle

Well known for its long body and flat profile, the Phenom is the preferred shape for many of the world's top racers, including Tour of Flanders winner Kasper Asgreen and World DH Champion Loic Bruni. Like every saddle they produce, the S-Works Phenom with Mirror was ergonomically designed and scientifically proven. Utilising their Body Geometry methodology combined with Mirror 3D printing, it results in 28% less pressure where it matters most.

BODY GEOMETRY: Specialized understand that every body is different, but the issues riders face in the saddle are the same, sit bone pressure, scar tissue build-up, and blood flow loss. Using pressure mapping, blind comfort studies, and even penile blood flow studies (yes, they did that), Body Geometry and Mirror Saddles don't just promise to solve these issues for men and women—they have scientifically proven they do.

SOFT TISSUE RELIEF: By using a concave shape and an ultra-compliant carbon shell, they have created space for a thicker Mirror print, incorporating 20,055 struts and 8,735 nodes. This results in a 28% reduction in sit bone pressure compared to a traditional foam saddle, as measured by their ultra high-resolution pressure mapping.

PERFORMANCE-INSPIRED SHAPING: Being their longest and flattest saddle from tail to nose, the S-Works Phenom with Mirror's shape and construction allow for maximum movement for optimal positioning for power. It enables riders to easily adjust their position on the saddle for tempo efforts and supports rider movement in and out of the saddle on climbs.


  • Patented Body Geometry technology is ergonomically designed and scientifically proven to increase blood flow to sensitive arteries.
  • The Mirror saddle is their longest and flattest to date, measuring 27cm from nose to tail.
  • Mirror technology utilises 3D printing from liquid polymer to create a unique honeycomb structure that offers superior sit-bone support and comfort.
  • The carbon fibre shell is flex-tuned for support and ride compliance.
  • It features ultra-light oversized carbon rails.
  • SWAT™-compatible mounts are moulded into the saddle base, allowing for sleek and integrated storage solutions.
  • Note: Oversized 7x9 mm carbon rails are not compatible with seat posts equipped with side-load clamp mechanisms for 7 mm round rails.
  • Size 143mm / Weight: 223g
  • Size 155mm / Weight: 227g

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