Timber! Quick-Release Bike Bell

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Quick-Release Bike Bell
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Designed for mountain biking, the Timber! Quick-Release Bike Bell brings the awareness of your presence to others out on the trails.

Two modes - stealth and ring - mean you can set the bell to ring only when required, and the sound is passive and friendly, activated by the motion of the bike. The bell can be easily switched between bikes thanks to the two included o-rings.

Timber! Quick-Release Bike Bell

The Timber! Quick-Release Bike Bell can be easily moved between bikes thanks to the two included o-rings, and has a slim profile with a rubber backing pad to hold it secure. Two modes mean that you can select 'ring' mode, for a passive, friendly sound that coincides with the motion of the bike, and 'stealth' mode, for empty trails when you've got the place to yourself. The sound of the bell can travel to a 200-metre radius so you'll be sure others are aware of you, and shifting between ring and stealth modes is smooth and easy.


  • Designed specifically for mountain biking
  • Solid brass
  • 200+ metre sound radius
  • Slim profile
  • Two modes - motion-activated ring mode, and stealth mode
  • Fits 22mm to 35mm bar diameters
  • Quick-release design
  • Includes two separate o-rings to fit all handlebar sizes

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