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Wend Wax-On Graphite Edition 80ml

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Wax-On Graphite Edition 80ml

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Wax-On Graphite Edition 80ml is the latest innovation from chain lubricant brand Wend.

The simple "rub-on" application keeps your chain quiet and prevents the build-up of grit and grime, for a quieter, more efficient drivetrain. This new graphite formula will keep your chain running smoother, for longer.

Wend Wax On Graphite Edition

Keep your drivetrain running more efficiently with the Wend Wax-On Graphite Edition 80ml rub-on chain lubricant. The paraffin-based proprietary formula includes friction reducers as well as Zinc and Teflon for a quiet and smooth chain that maximises your performance by preventing watts being lost through the build-up of dirt.

Being a dry-lubricant, this is a great choice for summer rides or dusty gravel and is proven to perform at the highest level. This new graphite formula will extend the time between waxing, reducing maintenance so that you can enjoy long, smooth and quiet rides.

Click here for more information on how to use Wend Wax-On for the best results.


  • Graphite formula extends the intervals between waxing
  • Keeps your chain running smoother for longer
  • Includes proven lubricants - Teflon and Zinc
  • Paraffin-based formula with friction reducers
  • Reduces chain noise
  • Prevents build-up of dirt
  • Simple "rub-on" application
  • Recommended that Wend Wax-On should be used in conjunction with Wend Wax-Off for a clean drivetrain, before application

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