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XLab Bike Shuttle

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Holding your bike and keeping your bike safe from falls and scratches presented by precarious leaning, the XLab Bike Shuttle allows you to wheel your bike with ease.

Compatible with wheels between 18-65mm in width, this steel framed stand is designed to prevent pinching on the tyres and support either side of the wheel evenly. Plastic covers preventing scratching or damage to your spokes or rear derailleur, this is a great choice for anyone wanting reliable and versatile storage.

XLab Bike Shuttle

Holding your bike and allowing you to wheel it around simply rather than prop it up precariously, the XLab Bike Shuttle is a simple but effective remedy to the issue of bike storage. Weighing 1.43 kilos and made from a high strength alloy steel frame for top integrity, this stand is compatible with bikes using tyres sized between 18-65mm.

Allowing you to roll your bike when seating the rear wheel onto this shuttle, plastic covers prevent any damage occurring to your spokes or derailleur. Rolling on quality wheels that won't require maintenance, this little and nifty addition to your home storage kit is sure to reduce the faff of storing bikes, and preclude the need to lean and risk scratches to your frame or saddle.


  • Weight: 1.43 kg (3.15lbs)
  • Construction: High strength alloy steel frame
  • Wheel width compatibility: 18-65mm
  • No more leaning bike against walls that scrape your expensive saddle
  • Allows bike to roll while keeping bike upright
  • Design prevents pinching on tyres and supports both sides of wheel evenly
  • Plastic covers prevent damage to the spokes and derailleur
  • No maintenance required

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