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Enduro 6803 Zero Ceramic Bearing

6803 Zero Ceramic Bearing

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Product ID: 168129

Enduro 6803 Zero Ceramic Bearing

Looking to spin smoother? Have less resistance and ultimately go faster? Well, the Enduro 6803 Zero Ceramic Bearing is what you need. To be used on either the hubs or bottom bracket, the ceramic bearings are of high Grade 3 quality for assured durability and performance.

The ceramic bearing balls and steel races are made up of ceramic Silicon Nitride-Si3n4 and the races are further treated with black oxide. Finished off with a ground toa mirror treatment that reduces wear and prevents corrosion. Performance wise allows for practically perfect efficiency and tolerances.

Coming onto the ABEC scale with a rating of 5. The ABEC system relates to the tolerances of the bearings. There are five levels from largest to smallest tolerances, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The higher the ABEC number the better precision, efficiency and the greater speed capabilities. This does not guarantee components spin faster though. The Grade rating is based on the manufacturing quality of the bearing balls, this ultimately results in its geometric tolerances. Grades range from 2000 to 3. The lower the number the higher the precision. Enduro use Grade 3 for the Zero, making them the highest quality bearing balls.

Keeping the unit together are VV seals. These comprise of two NBR 70 rubber seals with a non-contact seal, which rides in a matching groove machined into the bearing resulting in no drag or friction. Kyodo Yushi PS-2 is a high-quality grease that is made up of a protective interface that is applied between the ceramic balls and metal races. It has been used due to its high-speed make-up and low rolling resistance. For a larger ceramic bearing, the Enduro 6903 Zero Ceramic Bearing would be more suitable.


  • Bearing Code: 6803
  • Dimensions: 17mm x 26mm x 5mm
  • ABEC: 5
  • Grade: 3
  • Seals: VV
  • Grease: Kyodo Yushi PS-2
  • To be used with hubs and bottom brackets
  • Weight: 6.85g


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