Bike Fitting

Whilst bike fitting is widely regarded as an essential part of setting up and fine tuning your biomechanics to that of your machine, for the most part, bike fitting programs are carried out in an almost flowchart like system of ticks and crosses, leading to predetermined results, assumed data values producing poor fits.

At Sigma Sports our bike fitting methodology is brand agnostic, meaning that we look beyond any one software platform. Meshing together what are simply the best data collection programmes to provide a more comprehensive, fact-driven analysis, we combine video analysis with pressure mapping, dynamic positional changes and targeted questioning, ensuring that our clients are engaged with and educated on the changes being made as well as their importance.

Bike fitting is a matter of perspective. Our fitters are trained by a wide range of fit educators to ensure the broadest and most comprehensive approach possible. Attending acclaimed international conferences like the International Cyclefit Symposium (ICS) to ensure they are using the most up to date techniques whilst challenging and improving their existing knowledge, our bike fitters offer the very highest and most considered bike fitting experience available.



Bike Fit with Pressure Mapping  - £300 £250 LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER*

Bike fit carried out on our Purely Custom Jig with the aid of Dartfish Video analysis and saddle pressure mapping provided by Gebiomized
Includes shoe and cleat adjustment and bike adjustment
Please bring your existing bike
This session lasts for three and a half hours
*Offer expires 31/12/2018

Bike Fit - Two Bikes or Positions  - £400 £350 LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER*

Bike fit carried out on our Purely Custom Jig with the aid of Dartfish Video analysis
Session to work on two bikes or positions
Includes shoe and cleat adjustment and bike adjustment
Please bring your existing bike(s)
This session lasts for four hours
*Offer expires 31/12/2018

Follow Up Consultation - £125

Session to review your existing position if you have already had a bike fit with us within the last 24 months
Please bring your existing bike
This session lasts for 90 minutes


Jimmy Wilson


  • BG fit and Trek Precision Fit qualified
  • Fully trained Sidas Custom Footbed technician


  • One of the most experienced bike fitters in the UK
  • More than eight years experience including four years working with professional cycling teams
  • Extensive experience working with professional and age group triathletes
  • Specialist in custom frame design and drafting
  • 15 years of road, cyclocross and XC racing
  • 20 years in the bike industry

Jimmy Wilson

Who needs a bike fit?

Simply put, anyone who intends to spend any amount of time on a bicycle will benefit from having their position assessed. Whether you are looking to improve your performance or just riding to work without that annoying back pain. Every element of the rider / bike interface is meticulously optimised whilst taking into account the riders own physiology and asymmetry.

A bike fit can make a huge difference to your power delivery – ensuring you are recruiting muscles optimally and efficiently, simply put we will make you go faster, in more comfort for longer! Every aspect of the rider / bike interface is meticulously scrutinized and optimised.

Bike fitting can be used to overcome a broad variety of issues such as numb hands, pelvic discomfort, knee pain, muscular pain, neck ache and numb feet to name a few. Someone once said cycling is all about pain – we don’t agree with this!

Here at Sigma Sports all our bike fit technicians are qualified to an IBFI standard with accreditations from the industry’s leading bike fit educators including Specialized Body Geometry and Torke Cycling.


The Process

It is important to understand that bike fitting is a process - not an event. When working with an ever changing, highly adaptable entity like the human body you will often need more than one session to completely optimise the position. The first session tends to yield the biggest changes and results with those changes being tweaked and refined over time. Consider physiotherapy, you don’t go to a physiotherapist once! Bike fit is no different and by working together with our clients over a period we can achieve far greater results.


The interview is crucial to generate an understanding of the type of individual we are dealing with and what outcome they expect from the session. This process also better prepares us for what we might expect to see when the rider gets on the bike.

Injury / Sporting history

Your technician will want to know about your injury history and any discomfort you experience on the bike. We will be looking in detail as to how aspects of the bike’s current setup that could cause pain or discomfort.

Future Goals and Aspirations

We will also take into account any goals or aspirations you may have whether it be climbing Mt. Ventoux or riding your first 50 mile sportive pain free.

Physical assessment

  • This begins with a standing evaluation, starting with an assessment of the foot and its postural attributes.
  • The legs will be assessed for differences in muscles bulk and checked for any obvious signs of a leg length discrepancy.
  • Lumbar flexibility will be assessed
  • Your shoulder width will be measured to ensure your handlebars are the correct width.
  • Your inseam will be measured to give a rough idea of saddle height.
  • Spinal posture will also be considered together with the rider’s core strength and any asymmetries present in the rider’s physiology

Range of Motion

We will assess the flexibility in the hamstrings and gluteal muscles as well as checking for mobility around the hip. A more thorough assessment for any leg length discrepancies will also be carried out.

Set up interventions

  • Once our technicians have completed your pre-fit analysis they will want to see you pedalling. Using the information gathered we can make more informed decisions on the types of changes we might make to the rider’s bike.
  • Knee extension is optimised taking into account the rider’s flexibility. This is to ensure good muscle recruitment at the same time as “off-loading” crucial joints such as the knee. The saddle’s fore and aft positioning is also considered.
  • Arguably the most important part of any bike fit is the foot/shoe/pedal interface. Your shoes will be checked by your technician to ensure that they offer adequate support with no unnecessary “slop” inside the shoe. If sufficient support cannot be provided a new shoe may be suggested or a supportive orthotic may be administered.
  • Cleats are located and aligned to optimise the pedal stroke as well as support and stabilise the foot.
  • Optimum crank length is assessed to ensure that rider can pedal smoothly through the entirety of the stroke.
  • Your saddle will be assessed to determine whether or not it provides sufficient support while off-loading any soft tissue.
  • The handlebars height in relation to the saddle is a key concern to ensure smooth, consistent pedalling dynamics. The width of the handlebar also has a large impact on the rider’s overall comfort.
  • Finally overall reach is assessed to ensure the rider isn’t excessively stretching and to maintain a good level of weight distribution over all contact points on the bike.

Bike Fits for Triathlon

Many people over-complicate triathlon bike setups. The key parameters are essentially the same; you simply have different riding positions to take into account. One aspect of the fit that has to commonly be overcome with triathlon bikes is maintaining an open “hip angle” this is the angle between the torso and the upper leg. Given that most triathletes spend a large proportion of their time on the extensions in a more prone position it is imperative that this is optimised. Closing down this angle beyond the rider’s range can interfere with pedalling dynamics whilst increasing susceptibility to injury.

Bike Fits for Women

A woman’s anatomy is very different to that of a man’s therefore it is essential that ladies have their position checked. Women typically possess proportionally longer femurs (compared to torso), typically a wider pelvis and narrower shoulders – all aspects to be taken into account. Unfortunately the historical “shrink and pink” approach of the bike trade towards women’s bikes dictates that women are generally poorly catered for when considering frame geometry – scaling down men’s bikes and steepening the seat angles when in actuality women, due to their proportionally longer femurs potentially require a slacker seat angle to optimise their position over the bottom bracket and pedals. Ultimately bike fitting is about the individual, male or female and each session is tailored to each rider’s individual needs.


Dartfish Video Analysis

Dartfish is the industry standard in high definition video analysis. Operating at over 30 frames per second - 50% higher than many common motion capture systems in the bike fitting market, Dartfish allows our fitters to gain a better understanding of a rider’s dynamics while on the bike.

This software allows comparison of pre and post fit analysis while giving our clients an exceptional understanding of before and after positions.

Purely Custom Fit Bike

Our new purely custom fit bike brings about a new era in bike fitting. This fully adjustable jig allows our bike fit technicians an unrivalled level of flexibility to achieve better results without the constraints of a bicycle. Every aspect of the rider/bike interface can be easily and efficiently adjusted including crank length, saddle angulation and handlebar width.

Equipped with a Powerbahn resistance unit, our fit bike delivers an unprecedented level of realistic road feel, while, at the same time, it also allows us to monitor power, cadence, speed and heart rate. The gradient and gearing can also be changed at the press of a button to assess how a rider’s pedalling dynamics change under increased load.

Pressure Mapping

We have introduced a state of the art pressure mapping system from Gebiomized in Germany. Utilising over 60 sensors, this system allows us a much greater understanding of the rider's interaction with the saddle.


"Had my first bike fit. Very impressed by the pragmatic approach and education along the 3 hours process. I would recommend it, and much £ per improvement compared with the cost of a bike component. Very happy with the service."

Jon W

"I had an awesome bike fit session with James. We found some really interesting areas to work on that will pay dividends on the TT bike for this winter's training and next years racing with Team Bottrill. I'm looking forward to revisiting in the new year to see how well the improvements have delivered."

Stu A

"The bike fit session with James was excellent. His instinct, knowledge and expertise went way above a previous 'fit' experience I had with another retailer a couple of years back. I'd recommend a fit with James to anyone buying a new bike or fitting to an existing one."

Claire R

"A bike fit with James has transformed my cycling. The process was friendly, meticulous, and thoroughly documented. The equipment is high tech and James' knowledge is first rate. By the end of the session we got to a position that gave me better posture, less susceptibility to injury, more comfort, a smoother pedal stroke, and a higher power output."


"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and for his honest advice. Cannot recommend James highly enough and I have had a lot of fits in the past to compare this against."

C Butcher


For further information, or to arrange a Bike Fit please contact the Bike Fit team.

Tel: (0)20 8614 9777

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