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Ride further, faster and more efficiently with a road bike. Whether it be heading out for a spin with friends, tackling the commute or challenging yourself in a race, road bikes are fun and allow you to get out and explore. We stock an excellent range from the top brands, available for online purchase or to reserve and collect from one of our stores, which offers full bike fitting and workshop services.

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Performance Road Bikes

Designed to be ridden in an aggressive position, Performance Road Bikes are the choice of the professional peloton as well as those looking to get the most out of their bike out on the road. They might be an evolution of the traditional race bike, but nowadays most performance road bikes are ridden for leisure and fitness purposes by enthusiasts who enjoy their agile and responsive ride-feel. These bikes are suited to a variety of roads, from flat routes to rolling hills and steep climbs; they often feature a lightweight frameset that makes them faster uphill.


Endurance Road Bikes

Endurance Road Bikes are hugely popular for all the right reasons, they’re comfortable, versatile, efficient and fast. They offer a slightly more relaxed riding position, which make them really accessible, and perfect for beginners too. Often, you’ll find comfort features such as proprietary suspension systems, compliant carbon fibre framesets, and clearance for wider tyres. These attributes dampen vibrations from the road, helping the rider feel fresher for longer, which in turn makes the majority of riders faster over the course of a long ride.


Aero Road Bikes

Aero Road Bikes are the choice of the sprinters of the pro peloton, and enthusiasts who prefer to ride flat routes, fast! Aerodynamic detailing of the frameset and wheels are the key to the “free speed” on offer once the bike is rolling along at a certain pace and the slight weight penalty is only noticeable when riding up steeper hills. To ensure the rider and bike are as aero as possible, they have an aggressive long-and-low riding position best suited to riders with a certain degree of flexibilty. If you’re looking for a little extra speed on flat and rolling road rides, an Aero Road Bike might be the perfect choice for you.


Gravel Adventure Bikes

Gravel Bikes are perfect for riders who want the flexibility to ride on a mixture of paved and unpaved roads, towpaths, gravel trails and more. They also offer a great alternative for commuters and road riders looking to mix-up their route to the office, or get some winter training miles done off the beaten track. Common features include clearance for big grippy tyres, a stable riding position and assured off-road handling. The drop-handlebars make them perfect for touring and long distance off-road adventures too.


Electric Road Bikes

Electric Road Bikes look, and ride like regular road bikes, with drop handlebars, efficient tyres, and responsive handling - in fact, it’s often hard to tell the difference. Most are endurance-oriented but some sport a racier geometry, so there’s an option for everyone. They can be enjoyed equally by riders looking to ditch the distractions of data and simply ride for the joy of riding, but also, by those doing structured training sessions outdoors. The power assistance can be delivered through the bottom bracket or rear hub motors - and can be adjusted to deliver the right amount of assistance for you, making light work of headwinds and hills. Electric Road Bikes allow cyclists of different abilities to enjoy riding together, so they truly are a great leveller.


Electric Gravel Bikes

Electric Gravel Bikes are the perfect companion for the adventurous rider, looking to get out and explore more. If you’ve ever dreamed of setting out for a long, mixed surface ride, but worry about the gradient of unknown hills, an Electric Gravel Bike might be the perfect solution. What’s more, a powerful motor means you don’t suffer from a weight penalty when carrying lots of equipment on your ride - so you can really make the most of the extra luggage carrying options on Electric Gravel Bikes too.


Why Buy a Bike From Us?

With multiple retail stores and an extensive website, our team of friendly experts have over 30 years of experience in matching our customers to their perfect bike. We deliver industry-leading customer satisfaction, have an amazing range from the very best cycling brands and all our bikes are assembled and checked by Cytech qualified mechanics. Talk to our experts online and in our stores to start your bike buying journey.

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