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How do we price your bike?

Our pricing model factors in the age, condition and popularity of your bike as well as what the bike can be bought for new at the time of pricing. 

Please bear in mind that custom builds and part upgrades cannot be priced by the tool. If you cannont find your bike or model, please contact us for a custom quote.

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How it Works


1. Get an instant price from our Part Exchange Pricing Tool
2. Find your new bike, add it to your basket and place your order
3. We'll contact you to confirm your old bike’s valuation and book a date for your doorstep Collection & Delivery or Reserve & Collect in store
4. After one final check of your old bike's condition we'll take away your old bike and leave you with a shiny new one


1. Get an instant price from our Part Exchange Pricing Tool
2. Book a consultation, visit us in store or use Reserve & Collect online
3. We will guide you through the bike valuation process & help you find a new bike
4. When you come back to collect your new bike just exchange it for your new one

Need Help?

Find out more about an in-store consultation and Part Exchange at Hampton Wick to Oakham.

If you'd like more information about how Part Exchange works at Sigma Sports or want to get a custom quote for a bike you can't find feel free to Contact Us.

For more information checkout our FAQ below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is part exchange?
A. We can take your existing bike, as a credit for any purchase with us. This means you reduce the payment required to upgrade or change your bike. This is a very popular and cost-effective way of buying your new dream bike. We will give you a trade-in value which can be used as credit against any item we have in stock.

Q. Does my bike need to be cleaned and serviced part exchange collection or store drop-off?
Yes, we expect the bike or product to be clean before it arrives with us. If a bike arrives that is too dirty to work on this may incur a cleaning surcharge.

Q. Will you price and accept any bike?
A. If you are looking to trade in then Cycle Exchange can price and accept most bikes. After many years of buying and selling used bikes Cycle Exchange has an established pricing model that is fair and also enables us to sell bikes at a reasonable price. They base all our pricing on the age and specification of a bike and how much you can currently buy it for online.

If you are looking to sell a bike to us as a general guide we're only likely to price bikes from popular brands that originally retailed at more than £1,200.

Q. How do you price the bikes for sale?
A. Cycle Exchange considers the following factors before making an offer for a bike:  

  • Price when new
  • Age and model year
  • Demand & supply of make and model
  • Condition of bike and usage

Components with any wear and tear will be factored into the price. Cycle Exchange analyses prices from all online marketplaces, retailers, shops, and direct distributors for the most up-to-date pricing. The second-hand value will be directly related to what the bike can be bought for new. Q. Does my bike have to be in perfect condition to get a quote? A. No, as long as you describe every defect we can still price it assuming the general guide above is adhered to.

All our quotes are subject to an assessment by our mechanics.

Q. What if I can't bring the bike into the store?
We can accept part exchange at any of our stores and online with a specialist courier.

Q. Is the quoted price guaranteed?
No. We need to check the bike is operational and that the details provided to us match the bike when we inspect it. Any defects not described will need to be reflected in the final price as will the cost of replacing worn parts. If the bike presented is not as described in the original quote, it will need to be re-priced accordingly.

Q. What if the lead time for my new bike is longer than normal?
We can still place this order for you. We may look to collect your bike early to ensure we have your bike to begin the process. The sales team will decide depending on the scenario and talk you through this.

Q. Can I use the part exchange credit to purchase other items than bikes?
Yes. You can use the value of their bike to purchase other items eg. you may want to buy a turbo trainer, or new wheels. We will have to collect your trade-in bike before we release your new items for dispatch. You must spend the part exchange credit in full.

Q. Can customers transfer the value to a voucher?
No, the part exchange credit can only be used to purchase items through our website or stores.

Q. What happens during a collection and delivery?
There's no need to box up your bike. We’ll collect this from you fully built without any packaging.
Once our driver arrives with you they will inspect your bike to validate your valuation and deliver your new bike seamlessly.
Your new bike will be delivered “ready to ride”, setup to your measurements. Our driver and qualified mechanic will introduce you to your new bike and conduct a handover.

Please Note: If your bike is electric or has electronic gears then we will need the relevant chargers and cables brought with the bike. Without these, there may be an extra charge.


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