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Knight Composites 35 Tubeless Aero Carbon Clincher R45 Wheelset

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Knight Composites
35 Tubeless Aero Carbon Clincher R45 Wheelset

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Featuring Knight Composites TEAM (Trailing Edge Aerodynamic Manipulation) technology, and manufactured using the EPS moulding system; introducing the 35 TLA Carbon Clincher Chris King R45 Wheelset.

Designed for the mountains with a 35mm rim depth balancing aerodynamics and a reduced weight, this wheelset also has the versatility for everyday riding and racing over varied terrains. Optimised for 25mm tyres, these wheels were developed in collaboration with Schwalbe and the internal rim profile makes for easy installation of a tubeless system.

Knight Composites 35 TLA Carbon Clincher Chris King Wheelset

Tubeless tyre technology has been taken to the next level by Knight Composites. In collaboration with Schwalbe, the brand have developed their TLA (Tubeless-Aero) system, combining speed, comfort and ease of use. With the aim of changing how people see tubeless wheel and tyre setups, the complexity has been removed, and the 35 TLA Clincher Chris King R45 Wheelset is a top performance carbon offering with smooth rolling Chris King R45 hub. Mounting tubeless tyres is now faster and easier, thanks to the new centre channel and reduced wall height, with no additional need for an air compressor. The ‘hookless’ internal rim profile tapers inward to lock down the tubeless tire bead for a two-fold increased sealing surface over traditional ‘hooked’ rim designs.

To ensure an aero design, Knight utilised TEAM technology and focussed on the wheel's trailing edge, while taking into account airflow over the wheel, bike and rider, as a complete system, and this concept results in a faster and more predictable ride. Stability is enhanced thanks to the gentle progression of the shape from rim to tyre, and by keeping air attached to the wheel for longer, drag is reduced, lift is created and usable watts are increased.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) moulding creates a smoother and stronger internal surface and, combined with aerospace-grade Toray carbon fibre, the rim is lighter, stronger and more reliably constructed. The 35mm rim depth provides a perfect balance between aerodynamics and low weight, while the internal 19.5mm and external 27.5mm rim widths have been optimised for 25mm tyres, a popular choice among road riders, that will provide smoother rolling, increased comfort and enhanced grip thanks to the ability to run lower tyre pressures.

The rim is laced to the hub by 20 and 24 Sapim CX Ray spokes, front and rear respectively, for a strong and stiff construction that will transfer your watts efficiently to the road. Chris King R45 hubs offer the high quality that the brand is renowned for and together with stainless steel made-in-house bearings, make for an unmatched ride quality.

Designed to help you spin up mountains and hills faster, these wheels are versatile enough to take on a variety of terrains and conditions, and compatibility with 9, 10 and 11-speed Shimano and SRAM ensures compatibility with many rider setups.

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  • Tubeless-ready clincher, 700c
  • Trailing Edge Aerodynamic Manipulation (T.E.A.M.) creates a faster, more predictable ride
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) moulding system increases strength and stiffness and reduces weight
  • Developed in collaboration with Schwalbe
  • Manufactured with Knight's patent-pending internal rim profile, making tyre installation easier
  • Provides both a pneumatic and mechanical locking system
  • Industry-leading sealing surface with an optimised aero profile
  • Optimised for 25mm tyre widths
  • Material: EPS Moulded Carbon Fibre
  • Rim depth: 35mm
  • External rim width: 27.5mm
  • Internal rim width: 19.5mm
  • ERD: 588
  • Chris King R45 hubs with stainless steel bearings
  • Sapim CX Ray spokes
  • Spoke count: 20 (front) / 24 (rear)
  • Rim weight: 440 grams
  • Compatible with Shimano/SRAM 9,10 and 11-speed cassettes

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