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Lightweight Meilenstein Carbon Clincher Disc Wheelset Schwarz Edition

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Offering the rider the absolute pinnacle of carbon fibre manufacture, and the most advanced design levels, the Lightweight Meilenstein Carbon Disc Wheelset Schwarz Edition borrow space industry technology to provide a disc brake wheelset with a net weight of 1370 grams and a tensile spoke strength of 1.8 tons - the weight of the average family car.

Lightweight Meilenstein Carbon Clincher Disc Wheelset Schwarz Edition

At the very limits of what was even considered possible with carbon fibre construction, the Lightweight Meilenstein Carbon Clincher Disc Wheelset Schwarz Edition is a triumph of collaboration, innovation and engineering.

Weighing in at 1370 grams in total for the front and rear wheel, this carbon disc brake wheelset offers superlative rigidity, with its rim alone requiring 60nm of force in order to move it by 1mm in total. Each wheel the product of twenty hours of hand assembly, this clincher wheelset uses carbon laying techniques borrowed from the space satellite industry. As a consequence, the spokes used have a tensile strength of 1.8 tons, the equivalent of hanging a small family car from just one.

Designed with a special weave pattern that sees the spokes take a direct route across the wheel, angling only to a minor extent around the hub, these wheels offer a 20/20 spoke count on the front and rear, an incredibly small number for a disc brake wheel. With the hub the product of numerous redesigns and collaboration with DT Swiss, the end result is a pentagonal shaped hub that, by being non-cylindrical, won't delaminate internally due to the immense heat generated under braking. Additionally, with this being the Schwarz version, this hub version contains the coveted CeramicSpeed bearings, renowned for their incredible ease and efficiency when turning. With this redesign allowing for a longer, and, more importantly, safer usage, you can benefit from a lifespan that's three times longer than conventional carbon disc brake wheels when used by a rider up to the recommended max weight of 120 kilos.

Finished with black graphics and available in either a Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo hub body fit, the 11-speed compatible wheels are simply superbly engineered wheels of the highest quality. Shipped including quick-release skewers, wheel bags, valve extensions, brake pads and tyre levers, this is a fantastic addition to any road cyclist, time trialist or even cyclocross rider's setup. Please note that these wheels are also available in a 20mm rim width option.


  • Handbuilt carbon fibre clincher disc brake wheelset
  • Lateral rim stress of 60nm results in just 1mm of flex
  • Spoke tensile strength of 1.8 imperial tons
  • Schwarz version shipped with CeramicSpeed hub bearing
  • Carbon technology borrowed from space satellite industry
  • Non-delaminating pentagonal hub shape
  • Weight per set 1,370g
  • Rim depth: 47.5mm
  • Rim width: 24mm
  • Spoke count: (Front/Rear) 20/20
  • Hub: Pentagonal construction DT Swiss hub with CeramicSpeed bearings
  • Disc brake adaptor: centre lock (6 hole adapter)
  • Max rider weight: 120 kg
  • Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo fits available
  • Disc brake rotors are not included but are available to be purchased separately

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