Nathan Run Laces 2018

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Run Laces 2018

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Utilising a revolutionary ultra grippy elastic construction, the Nathan Run Laces make the perfect choice for anyone looking to take on high intensity sports.

The unique fastening system ensures the laces remain tight, whilst the initial setup is straight forward and needn't be repeated once done.

  • Ideal for high intensity sports and outdoor activities such as running, triathlons and hiking
  • Grippy elastic construction holds the laces tight
  • One-time setup is simple and offers quick and easy future adjustments

Nathan Run Laces 2018

The Nathan Run Laces are a great alternative to traditional laces, boasting all the benefits, without the irritation of them unexpectedly coming undone. Constructed from an ultra grippy elastic, the Run Laces do not slip and lose tension, no matter the intensity of your exercise.

The initial setup is quick and easy, ensuring simple future adjustments, while the unique fastening system is more efficient and less time consuming than tying standard laces. Their intuitive design and selection of colour options ensures these laces not only look great, but also offer real benefits to runners, walkers and triathletes alike.

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  • Ideal for runners, walkers and triathletes
  • Unique fastening system keeps laces secure and tight
  • One-time setup is quick, and lace adjustments are easy
  • Ultra grippy elastic construction

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