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Orca S6 Womens Wetsuit

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The Orca S6 Womens Wetsuit is tailored to suit progressive swimmers who could benefit from an extra buoyant garment in the water.

The multi-fabric construction with variable neoprene thickness raises the athlete in the water while providing great freedom of movement. Hydrodynamics are improved by the SCS coating, while the Infinity Skin inner lining provides freedom while retaining heat and naturally repelling bacteria.

Orca S6 Womens Wetsuit

Orca has identified three distinctive swimmer profiles and created different products to suit their needs. The S6 Womens Wetsuit has been tailored specifically for progressive swimmers, with maximum buoyancy at the top of the design brief. Body position in the water is key to good swimming technique, and the S6 Womens Wetsuit aids the swimmer by correcting their position. 5mm thick Yamamoto neoprene to the hips and legs helps the lower body float nearer the surface, while the 3mm chest panel stabilises the body, preventing roll and aiding good breathing technique. Transition times are reduced by the inclusion of HydroLite panels to the lower legs, for quicker wetsuit removal.

The Super Composite Skin (SCS) coating reduces friction and improves hydrodynamics, making this a dedicated triathlon wetsuit perfect for race day. Comfort and flexibility are covered by the highly elastic Infinity Skin inner lining, providing freedom, retaining heat and naturally repelling bacteria, all while boasting a natural eco-friendly composition. Chafing is further reduced by the smooth collar lining making this a great choice for long-distance swimming too.


  • Maximum buoyancy, progressive swimmer oriented
  • 5mm Yamamoto neoprene on hips and legs raise the body position in the water
  • 3mm thick chest panel avoids body roll
  • HydroLite panels to the lower legs aid wetsuit removal for faster transitions
  • Super Composite Skin (SCS) coating reduces friction and improves hydrodynamics
  • Highly elastic Infinity Skin inner lining provides freedom, retains heat, and naturally repels bacteria
  • Smooth collar lining reduces chaffing
  • Excellent flexibility with 39 cell Yamamoto Neoprene panels combined with flexible lining

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