Shimano RD-M8100 XT 12-Speed SGS Rear Derailleur

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RD-M8100 XT 12-Speed SGS Rear Derailleur
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Shimano RD-M8100 XT 12-Speed SGS Rear Derailleur

Shimano’s RD-M8100 XT SGS Rear Derailleur is intended for use with 12-speed, 1x drivetrains. The low profile Shadow Plus design and switchable clutch mechanism reduce the chances of the derailleur hitting the chainstay on rough terrain, and make shifting light, easy and precise. A rubber bumper and tension spring keep the drivetrain quiet and smooth, with the direct cable routing preventing any snagging on vegetation on narrow trails.

The pulleys have 13 teeth with bearings to keep friction low and the link pin bushings are fluorine coated for increased smoothness and to make shifting lighter. Suitable for use with 51 tooth cassettes, the derailleur can cope with a 41 tooth difference, so is suitable for most wide range, 12-speed cassettes.


  • XT Shadow Plus 12-speed rear derailleur for fast and precise shifting performance optimised to take on any trail
  • Shadow Plus features a low profile design and optimised slant angle for super light shifting action
  • Shadow Plus uses a chain stabilising switch that when on will reduce chain bounce on rough terrain maintaining a more stable drive and shifting
  • Single tension spring prevents contact with the chainstay resulting in a silent ride
  • Rubber bumper on pulley cage for added silent drive
  • 13T pulleys and decreased derailleur tension prevent high chain tension in low gears
  • Direct cable routing prevents snagging from any trail side hazards
  • Cold forged wide alloy links and pivot body
  • Four fluorine-coated link pin bushings
  • Strong return spring for a positive shifting feel
  • Specifically designed to work with 12-speed 1x drivetrains
  • Durable sealed 13T bearing pulleys for low friction
  • Top normal spring uses the spring to select higher gears
  • Max low sprocket: 51T (1x 12-speed)
  • 41T capacity SGS cage
  • Manufacturer’s claimed weight: 284 grams

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