Silca Ultimate Bicycle Spa Box Set



Ultimate Bicycle Spa Box Set

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Silca Ultimate Bicycle Spa Box Set

Elevate your bicycle maintenance to a whole new level with the Silca Ultimate Bicycle Spa Box Set, a comprehensive package that covers all your cleaning and protection needs. This exclusive set not only includes all four essential components of the Bicycle Spa Cleaning System but also adds the perfect accessories to make your bike shine.

The Complete Cleaning System

  1. Ultimate Brake and Drivetrain Cleaner: Say goodbye to grime and oil buildup while eliminating annoying brake squeal. Our cinnamon-scented formula is not only effective but also eco-friendly, as it is acid-free and pH-balanced. Clean your bike components with a clear conscience.

  2. Ultimate Bike Wash: This biodegradable wash boasts a delightful cherry aroma while effortlessly lifting dirt from your bike's frame, fork, saddle, and handlebars. It encapsulates loosened particles, preventing them from scratching your paintwork. The result? A streak-free, sparkling finish.

  3. Ultimate Graphene Spray Wax: Experience the ultimate protection with our graphene wax formula. This eco-friendly wax, with a refreshing Margarita scent, forms an invisible hydrophobic barrier that guards against sun fading and gives your bike a glossy finish. Keep in mind; it's not suitable for your drivetrain and tires.

  4. Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash: For daily touch-ups, the Piña Colada-scented, hydrophobic eco-cleaner is perfect. A quick spray, a gentle wipe, and a buff are all it takes to reveal a shining, scratch-resistant finish. Please note that this product is not intended for use near your brakes.

Accessories to Perfect Your Shine:

To help you achieve a streak-free, glossy finish, Silca have included two microfiber towels and a foam applicator block.

All the bottles are 16oz (473ml), ensuring you have ample supply to keep your bike clean, protected, and quiet.


  • Ultimate Brake and Drivetrain Cleaner
  • Ultimate Bike Wash
  • Ultimate Graphene Spray Wax
  • Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash
  • All elements are eco-friendly
  • 2 x bonus microfibre towels
  • Includes foam applicator block
  • 2 x Silca stickers

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