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Speedplay Zero Pave Cleats Red

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New and designed for the use with the Speedplay Zero Pave Pedals.

The new stainless steel protector plate protects the cleats and reduces wear. Easy to setup, offering an 8.5 millimetre stack height for 4-hole mounting and weighing a mere 82 grams.

Speedplay Zero Pave Cleats Red

Clip in and get riding with the new, special edition, Speedplay Zero Pave Cleats Red. Designed specifically to work with the Speedplay Zero Pave titanium and stainless pedals. Offering two float options, micro-adjustable or fixed. The micro-adjustable option offers up to 15 degrees of float adjustment and between a 37 and a 39-degree cornering clearance.

Easy to install and in a 4-bolt hole design that paired with the pedal offers an 8.5-millimetre stack height. A large platform for excellent power delivery and compatible with any shoe that features 4-bolt mounting.

No chances of pulling your foot out by mistake in a sprint, the true locking mechanism does not rely on spring tension so means clipping into the dual-sided pedal is an easy task and clipping out unintentionally is next to impossible.


  • Designed specifically for use with Speedplay Zero Pave pedals
  • Special edition cleat
  • Stainless Steel Protector Plate protects the baseplate or the sole of the shoe from wear caused by the Pave pedal body and grit
  • Two float options: Micro-adjustable or fixed
  • 15 degrees of float adjustment
  • Low stack height
  • 8.5 mm stack height for 4-hole mounting
  • Between 37 and 39 degrees of cornering clearance, depending on pedal
  • Large stable pedal platform
  • Compatible with any shoe using a 4-hole mount
  • Weight: 82g each

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