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Sportful NoRain Arm Warmers

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Designed and tested in the Italian Dolomites; the Sportful NoRain Arm Warmers are race-proven by Team Tinkoff.

NoRain nanotechnology does not compromise on comfort, fit or breathability with a great level of water repellency.

Sportful NoRain Arm Warmers

The Sportful NoRain Arm Warmers feature NoRain nanotechnology, which is an exclusive fabric featuring all the warmth, stretch and breathability of Sportful's standard ThermoDrytex Plus fabric. The addition of a nanotech water repellent finish ensures rain runs right off.

Not 100% waterproof but much more so than a standard arm warmer, the NoRain fabric is worth its weight in gold on showery days when it's too warm for a fully waterproof jacket. Alternatively, the warmers can be worn as an extra layer of protection when racing in poor conditions.

Just as important as technology is the fit of the arm warmers. This has been optimised with the inclusion of silicone arm grippers at the top of the arm, ensuring the warmers stay in place leaving you to focus fully on tackling the conditions you are facing.


  • Sportful NoRain nanotechnology water repellent fabric
  • Silicone gripper to ensure arm warmer stays in position
  • Hi-visibility Sportful logo
  • Minimal, understated embossed logo

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