TRP T925 Aero Rear Brake Caliper

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T925 Aero Rear Brake Caliper

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Product ID: T925-AERO-REAR

The TRP T925 Aero Rear Brake Caliper has been designed to optimise aerodynamic efficiency by reducing drag and turbulence.

The caliper's unique aero-v cold forged arms provide excellent stopping power and smooth modulation when you need it and the highly resilient titanium hardware is built to last.

TRP T925 Aero Rear Brake Caliper

The new TRP T925 Aero Rear Brake Caliper is designed to optimise aerodynamic efficiency. With sleek TT6 Forged aluminium arms and weighing just 156 grams, this caliper is both strong and lightweight, with a profile that dramatically reduces air turbulence and drag.

Side-pull cable routing ensures less obstruction that the standard calliper while providing a smooth cable path for a light feel at the lever. The spring tension can be adjusted individually using the adjustment bolt.

The included Kool-Stop® aluminium cartridge pads provide strong and lasting braking power for alloy rims.

Available in three unique and eye-catching colour schemes, this caliper is a great addition to any aero bike setup.


  • Aerodynamic U design
  • TT6 Forged aluminium arms
  • Kool-Stop® aluminium cartridge pads
  • Titanium hardware
  • Reach: 39-51 mm / rear
  • Black, red or silver colour scheme
  • Weight: 156g

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