Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart Turbo Trainer

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KICKR CORE Smart Turbo Trainer

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The Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart is ideal for those looking for a more affordable direct drive turbo trainer that still features much of the technology of the brands top-end KICKR.

The ride-feel is realistic and the trainer quiet enough not to disturb your neighbours, while the strongest riders should be satisfied with the 1800 watt power maximum. Compatible with the KICKR CLIMB, you can fully immerse yourself in your indoor training, and outputted results are reliable and accurate to +/- 2%.

Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart Turbo Trainer

Ensure an accurate, reliable and quiet indoor training experience with the Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart Turbo Trainer. A slightly simplified design, compared to the KICKR, makes this a perfect option for riders who are keen on a direct drive option at a lower price point. Utilising the new belt system of the recently updated KICKR, the operation is almost silent, ensuring you can train day or night without causing a disturbance.

A 5.4kg flywheel makes it slightly lighter, yet it still provides a solid and stable ride feel. Whether you're looking to climb, sprint or both, your needs will be well met by the 16% simulated gradient and 1800 watt maximum power output. The +/- 2% accuracy means you'll be able to rely on the data outputs. No matter the app you wish to use, you'll be able to connect your CORE, via ANT+ FE-C, ANT+ Power or Bluetooth Smart. If you're after an even more immersive experience, Wahoo's indoor grade simulator, the KICKR CLIMB, will add physical grade changes to the resistance changes, for a more realistic ride feel.

With this purchase, you will also receive a 14 day free trial of Wahoo SYSTM, a comprehensive training app with a diverse workout library. The science-based approach to training, with options for cycling, running and swimming sessions, plus yoga, bodyweight-based strength and mental training, opens up your workouts to a whole new immersive world, helping you achieve your goals.

Latest updates

  • Integrated cadence: Simplify your setup and workouts by getting accurate cadence data directly from your trainer without the need for an external sensor
  • Powerful connectivity: Multiple Bluetooth connections are now supported to ensure a trouble-free start to your workout
  • Connectivity with Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND Bluetooth Fan bringing innovative climate control to your indoor training experience. Pair to your KICKR and as your speed or heart rate increases, so will the fan speed
  • Connectivity with the ELEMNT Bike Computer to relive rides or perform planned workouts
  • Third-party power meter support: Compatible with a third party power meter as another method of power measurement

What's in the box

  • Wahoo KICKR CORE
  • Rear leg / front leg
  • Nuts (x4) / bolts (x4)
  • Hex tool
  • 1.8mm spacer
  • Drive side adapter for 130mm and 135mm quick release
  • Reversible hub spacer for 130mm and 135mm quick release
  • Drive side adapter for 12x142 and 12x148 thru-axle
  • Reversible hub spacer for thru-axle
  • AC power adapter (UK)
  • Quick release skewer
  • Cassette is not included, available to be purchased separately
  • Supplied with a power brick plus both a UK and EU lead

To learn more about integrating your turbo trainer with Zwift please see our comprehensive Zwift guide and for any further information please refer to our Turbo Trainer Guide.


  • Accuracy: +/- 2%
  • Maximum power output: 1800 Watts
  • Maximum simulated grade: 16% (assumed rider/bike weight of 79 kg)
  • KICKR CLIMB compatibility: Yes
  • Flywheel weight: 5.4kg / 12lbs
  • Footprint with legs open: 20" x 28" (51cm x 71cm)
  • Power requirements: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60 Hz
  • Resistance type: Electromagnetic
  • Compatible with 8, 9, 10 and 11-speed SRAM/Shimano cassettes
  • Wheel size: Road - 24 inch, 650c, 700c / MTB: 24 inch, 26 inch, 650b, 29 inch
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart / ANT+ / ANT+ FE-C
  • Hub compatibility: 130/135 QR and 12x142, 12x148 Thru-axle (includes adapters and spacers)
  • App compatibility: Wahoo SYSTM (free 14 day trial included), Wahoo Fitness, Zwift, Trainer Road, Virtual Training, Veloreality, Kinomap Trainer, PeriPedal, Velo Trainer

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