Date:  Saturday 25th June 2022

Time:  Meet at 9am for a 9:15am departure

Where: Sigma Sports Store, Oakham, Rutland 


Get set for the biggest race of the year, Le Tour, with our Late June Social Ride that departs on Saturday 25th June from the Sigma Sports Oakham store. Free to join, follow the link above to sign up for one of our two different groups leaving the store. Each ride will have a non-drop policy, with the focus of this ride being to meet new people and explore the local roads.

Both groups one and two will cover the same 47 kilometre route, which will head north from the Sigma Sports Oakham store, heading out to Langham before beginning a loop that takes in Pickwell, Little Dalby, Ashby Folville, Twyford and Burrough on the Hill. From there the ride heads to Knossington, descending back towards the Sigma Sports Oakham store.

Please review our Terms and Conditions before registering for our ride.


We look forward to riding with you.



The ride will be split into two groups:

Group one will average 16-18mph and is ideal for those who are looking for a simple, social ride that'll get you home in time for lunch.


Group two will average 13-15mph, which is perfect for anyone new to the sport, or even for those who have been riding for a while but haven’t ridden in a group before and would like to gain a bit more experience.

We look forward to riding with you.

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