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CHPT3 1.21 Short Sleeve Jersey

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The CHPT3 1.21 Short Sleeve Jersey has been designed by David Millar to provide riders with an ultra-lightweight jersey with the aesthetics of a bespoke piece of clothing.

From Millar's CHPT3 range, this Jersey's button collar, shirt tailored fit and strategically reinforced pockets mean this is one of the most stylish and unique jerseys that you will see out on the road.

CHPT3 1.21 Short Sleeve Jersey

The CHPT3 1.21 Short Sleeve Jersey provides riders with a super-lightweight tailored jersey with a unique button collar and six strategic pockets. The proprietary material used in the jersey's construction is lighter than that used by pro-racing teams as it can not be printed on, therefore making it impossible to carry a sponsors name; normally not the concern of the amateur cycling enthusiast.

David Millar wanted the jersey to have a more tailored cut than the average race jersey. By darting the front panels and sharpening the shoulder's edges, a fit more similar to a shirt rather than a t-shirt was created.

In addition to this is the buttoned collar, which gives the jersey a higher and more substantial neck while also providing a more bespoke appearance. A collarbone button provides an anchoring point for the collar flap, should you decide not to use it, and a front storm flap pocket is ideal for carrying valuables.

The central rear pocket is well suited to carrying bulkier winter garments, and the stitching on this and the other pockets are reinforced to cope with the times that they are packed full.

David Millar comments "There are two mesh pockets on the interior rear of the jersey to carry warmers if need be - when racing we’d often stuff unwanted clothing up the inside of our jersey, this is a more refined version of that."

A subtle full-length front zip provides ventilation and the subtle CHPT3 graphics on the sleeve and rear help to boost your visibility in low-light situations. Holding the whole jersey in place are the detailed hem grippers.

Please note, the CHPT3 1.21 Short Sleeve Jersey follows the same inch sizes as you would see when purchasing a shirt as this helps to provide a more personalised fit.


  • Super lightweight (50g) fabric
  • Tailored details including zipper and collar
  • Buttoned collar
  • Six pockets
  • Detailed hem grippers
  • Reinforced pocket stitching
  • Subtle yet eye-catching CHPT3 graphics on the sleeve and rear
  • Available in two colour schemes
  • Imagined by David Millar, made by Castelli
  • Shirt sizing

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