Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 2-Way Fit Tubeless Wheelset

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Bora WTO 60 2-Way Fit Tubeless Wheelset

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Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 2-Way Fit Tubeless Wheelset

Amalgamating low weight and lateral stiffness within an aerodynamic design, the Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 2-Way Fit Tubeless Wheelset is the perfect road racing weapon that excels across a variety of parcours, whether flat or mountainous.

The rims are made from high modulus carbon that is laid in a sophisticated pattern to increase lateral rigidity without adding unnecessary weight. This meticulous rim construction grants a reactive and enthusiastic character on the climbs and gives spritely acceleration when charging for the finish line. The carbon fibre material is formed into a wind tunnel optimised (WTO) profile that not only reduces drag markedly but also heightens stability in fierce crosswinds.

A 19mm internal rim width mates perfectly with 23 to 28mm tyres and coerces them into a superior cross-sectional profile that realises lower rolling resistance and enhanced comfort. The 2-Way fit format of the rims allows easy installation and use of either tubeless-ready or traditional clincher tyres while the AC3 carbon braking surface improves stopping power, even in the wet.

The aluminium hub shells are lightweight, have a wider flange spacing to promote more even spoke tensions and encase smooth spinning ceramic bearings. Bladed spokes link everything together and are arranged in a unique G3 lacing pattern in the rear wheel to further maximise power transfer.


  • A versatile road bike wheelset that blends low weight, huge lateral stiffness and aerodynamics
  • High modulus carbon rims have an optimised layup to improve lateral rigidity while keeping the weight low
  • Wind tunnel tuned rim profile reduces drag and heightens stability across all wind yaw angles
  • 19mm internal and 26.5mm external rim widths are optimised for use with 23, 25 and 28mm tyres
  • AC3 carbon braking surface improves stopping performance in dry and wet conditions markedly
  • 2-Way fit makes these wheels compatible with tubeless-ready and standard clincher tyres
  • Extremely rigid and aerodynamic hub shells encase super-smooth ceramic bearings
  • Aerodynamic steel spokes are strong and the rear wheel possesses a MEGA G3 lacing pattern for increased power transfer


  • Tyre compatibility: Tubeless-ready clincher or standard clincher
  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Rim: High modulus carbon fibre
  • Rim profile: Symmetrical
  • Rim finish: Naked, raw, satin polished carbon
  • Rim depth: 60mm
  • Internal rim width: 19mm
  • Rim internal format: Hooked
  • External rim width: 26.5mm
  • Spokes: Campagnolo steel
  • Spoke count: Front - 18 / Rear - 21
  • Spoke lacing pattern: Front - Radial / Rear - MEGA G3 grouping
  • Hubs: Front - Campagnolo Black Monolithic aluminium / Rear - Campagnolo Black Monolithic aluminium
  • Freehub compatibility: Campagnolo 9, 10, 11 and 12-speed or Shimano HG/SRAM Road 11-speed (and 9 and 10 speed with spacers)
  • Brake compatibility: Rim brake caliper
  • Brake surface: AC3 full carbon
  • Axles: Front - 100mm quick release / Rear - 130mm quick release
  • Recommended tyre size: 23mm to 50mm
  • Maximum tyre pressure: Follow tyre manufacturers guidelines
  • Maximum recommended weight: 120kg/265lbs (including rider, bike and any luggage)
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: Wheelset - 1,547 grams

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