Castelli Premio Womens Socks

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Premio Womens Socks

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Castelli Premio Womens Socks

The Castelli Premio Women's Socks are a true testament to Castelli's commitment to incorporating the best technologies into their products, aimed at keeping your feet comfortable and healthy throughout your ride.

Featuring a 200-needle construction, these socks offer extra stretch for a great fit, with multiple-structure knitting ensuring that every part of the sock is the right thickness with the necessary qualities to perform its job well.

The compressive midfoot support band reinforces the arch of your foot, reducing pressure on your muscles, while a thicker section at the ball of your foot provides cushioning where cyclists typically experience the most pressure. Additionally, asymmetrical construction ensures that both feet enjoy the same advantages.

These socks are incredibly versatile, with a reflective tab at the back that optimizes your visibility during night-time rides. The use of yarns enriched with antibacterial silver ions also ensures that your feet remain fresh and odor-free throughout your ride.



  • Multiple structure knit means best performance in every area
  • 200-needle construction adds stretch
  • Asymmetrical construction mirrors the shape of the foot
  • Supportive band at midfoot, with cushioning pad at ball
  • Constructed from Q Skin yarns with antimicrobial silver ions
  • Reflective tab at centre back

Castelli Premio Womens Socks Sizing

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