ENVE Aero Road Stem

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Aero Road Stem

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A lightweight, highly-aerodynamic addition to your cockpit, the ENVE Aero Road Stem brings a new level of versatility to the front end of your prize road bike.

Supplied with an innovative shim system, you can adjust stem angle or length to help you find your perfect position and maximise your aero gains.

ENVE Aero Road Stem

The ENVE Aero Road Stem is an innovative cockpit addition that provides an unrivalled level of adjustability to the high-end carbon componentry market.

Supplied with a clever shim system, this stem was designed to eliminate the need for spacers, improving the aerodynamic performance of the cockpit. There are two shims supplied, but only one can be used at a time: To achieve a downward pitch of -7° or -17° use the angular shim. Alternatively, use the length-adjusting shim to bring the handlebars 2.5mm closer or further away from you, at a constant downward pitch of -12°.

The carbon fibre construction with an aluminium faceplate and titanium bolts means this stem weighs in at just 170 grams for the 110mm long version. Compatible with standard 1 1/8th-inch steerer tubes, the Aero Road Stem has a handlebar clamp diameter of 31.8mm and perfectly complements any of ENVE's road handlebars.


  • Carbon fibre construction
  • Aluminium faceplate
  • Titanium bolts
  • Rise: -12° fixed,-17°/-7° with angle shim
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • Steer tube clamp diameter: 1 1/8"
  • Stack height: 42.5mm with length shim / 45.5mm with angle shim
  • Torque specification (faceplate): 5.5Nm
  • Torque specification (steerer tube): 5.5Nm
  • Weight: 170 grams (110mm version)

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