Smith Momentum Sunglasses

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Smith Momentum Sunglasses

From winding descents to technical climbs and wide-open straightaways, the Smith Momentum sunglasses elevate your performance with unrivalled clarity. The toric lens with dual curvature enhances your vision, making every detail on the terrain sharper and more defined. The half-frame design of these sunglasses provides maximum peripheral vision, allowing you to see clearly in all directions.

Equipped with ChromaPop™ lens technology, the Momentum sunglasses boost contrast and colour, providing a terrain-defining view. Whether you're navigating through trees or rolling in open spaces, these sunglasses ensure crisp visuals for an enhanced outdoor experience.

Featuring a two-position nose pad and adjustable corewire temples, the Momentum sunglasses offer a secure fit at any pace. The interchangeable lenses allow you to choose the right tint for the day, adapting to changing light conditions


  • ChromaPop™ lenses enhance contrast and natural colour to make the details pop
  • Light-sensitive, photochromic lenses adapt to changing light conditions
  • Smudge and moisture-resistant coatings for easy cleaning and clear optics
  • Medium fit, large coverage
  • 7x4 toric-shield lens curvature for sharp peripheral vision
  • Wraparound fit
  • Megol temples and nose pads provide non-slip grip so glasses stay put
  • Easy-adjust, QuickFit temples for a customised fit
  • Compatible with our optical docking system (ODS4) prescription lens insert
  • Evolve™ bio-based frame material is lightweight and durable
  • AutoLock hinges hold frames open for easy one-hand on and off

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