Sportful Supergiara Bib Tight

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Supergiara Bib Tight

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Sportful Supergiara Bib Tight

Sportful's Supergiara Bib Tight delivers, in terms of performance, comfort, and functionality. Part of the brand's top gravel range, the garment is made for big adventures, adding both rear and a side pocket into the design so you can carry far more than fits in your jersey pockets alone. These pockets are constructed from mesh so won't compromise breathability either.

A mixture of varying thickness fabrics bring thermal protection to the upper portion of the leg, even more warmth over the knee joints, then a lighter feel to the bottom of the calf.  

The seat pad is well suited to gravel riding, with a lighter, shorter DMS pad meeting the requirements of a slightly more upright riding position. However, this chamois it still provides a good level of padding through the open cell foam, and will still allow the air to flow effectively and dries fast. Mesh bib straps up top are stretchy and breathable for support while maintaining freedom of movement. 


  • Thermal stretch fabric to the bottom of the calf
  • Double thickness on the knee to keep joints warm
  • Lighter fabric at bottom of the leg
  • Mesh bib straps
  • DMS seat pad specifically designed for gravel rides
  • Rear and side pocket

Sportful Supergiara Bib Tight Sizing

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