Zone3 Aspire Thermal Wetsuit

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Aspire Thermal Wetsuit

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Zone3 Aspire Thermal Wetsuit

For swimmers who like to get in the water whatever the temperature, Zone3’s Aspire Thermal Wetsuit offers superior warmth compared with a standard suit.

The premium Yamamoto neoprene itself provides great heat retention but is also supplemented by a Heat-Tech thermal lining that adds extra protection for the most important muscle groups for comfort and swimming efficiency.

Despite its warmth, it is still a very high-performance wetsuit. It has an SCS Nano coating on the outside that reduces drag from 0.4 to an incredible 0.021 and is also extremely flexible so that there is no restriction to freedom of movement in the water. Furthermore, as neoprene is derived from limestone rather than oil, it is more environmentally friendly and has greater buoyancy.


  • Premium SCS #39 Yamamoto fabrics for heat retention
  • Heat-Tech thermal lining for key muscle groups
  • High visibility graphics for increased visibility
  • Pro-Speed cuffs
  • Aqua dynamic SCS Nano coating reduces drag from 0.4 to 0.021
  • 480-580% elongation for flexibility
  • Environmentally friendly and increased buoyancy neoprene - derived from limestone that has a 23% higher closed-cell structure than oil

Zone3 Aspire Thermal Wetsuit Sizing

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