Seven Cycles is the largest manufacturer of custom titanium frames in the world. We look at the passionate frame builders, keeping the art alive.

Handcrafted precision fit bikes are few and far between. What was once the industry standard has fallen to the wayside, and other aspects of the bike fitting process are now key for an optimised riding position.

Customisation within the design process has become possible with the introduction of services like Trek’s Project One, but custom frame fitting is an art seemingly lost among the larger brand names.

Seven Cycles Axiom SL Road Bike SRAM RED Levers

Seven Cycles is an independently-run custom frame builder specialising in artisanal framesets, designed specifically to each individual. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Seven Cycles has been keeping the tradition alive since 1997, with high-end custom bike frames made to perform to each customer’s exacting needs.

As the biggest manufacturer of one-off custom titanium frames, Seven Cycles was first introduced to UK high street customers by Sigma Sports 16 years ago. The brand is still limited to just a handful of stockists, making them incredibly exclusive.

Seven Cycles Axiom SL Road Bike outside Sigma Sports store

Seven Cycles is known for frames suited to a wide spectrum of cycling disciplines, with a focus across cycle touring, mountain biking and road racing. A range of Seven Cycles models are available to view in-store.

Frames built around you

“Pro riders will use whatever they’re given. Seven Cycles are one of a kind – even pro riders don’t get that.”

Sigma Sports’s director, Jason, provides insight into the benefits and design of a custom fitted frame:

“A custom built frame means fine-tuning the bike to specific needs. Two people with the same weight and height metrics could have completely different riding styles, preferences etc. During the consultation, we ask very specific questions about riding style and what the customer requires from their bike to absolutely nail down the ride performance."

“The finished order takes approximately six weeks, from the first appointment to the bike being delivered in-store and ready for collection. During that time, there are at least two meetings with the customer to hone in the perfect bike fit. There’s also a bit of back and forth between us and Seven Cycles to confirm measurements, materials and design. The customer is at the heart of the process; nothing is green-lit until we’ve agreed on the right ride quality and the design has been settled.”

Seven Cycles Axiom SL Road Bike Chainstay

Why titanium?

Titanium is twice as durable as steel, at approximately half the weight. It provides an excellent level of damping whilst still delivering unbeatable stiffness, comfort and responsiveness to the rider.

Seven Cycles has around two decades’ worth of experience in building with titanium. Extracting and fabricating titanium is fraught with difficulties, making the entire process time and skill intensive. However, the benefits of titanium far outweigh the labour required.

Seven Cycles Axiom SL Road Frameset made in the USA badge

Twice as durable as steel, titanium also outperforms aluminium and carbon fibre in both damping and durability. There’s no reason why a titanium frame couldn’t last you an entire lifetime. The titanium used by Seven Cycles doesn’t need painting, as the high purity Ti doesn’t react negatively to oxidisation and isn’t susceptible to corrosion. Any scratches can be easily buffed out, leaving you with a beautiful frame that will stand the test of time.

Seven Cycles Axiom SL Road Frameset Headtube

Ride quality is where titanium really shines. With a stiff and responsive frame that naturally dampens shocks, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that performs quite like a Seven Cycles titanium frame.

Seven Cycles built by Sigma Sports

This is your chance to have a bike fitted completely to your specifications, all from the ground up.

The entire process is facilitated at Sigma Sports, so you can have a bike frame crafted in Boston and built by us to your specification. Once you choose a Seven Cycles frame, we’ll take your rider biometrics, including weight, height, experience and performance requirements. This will determine which tube variant is used to ensure the ideal stiffness, responsiveness and compliancy, all dialled-in for you.

A full range of Seven Cycles frames are available to view in-store today. See our collection of Seven Cycles frames online, or make an appointment to start your journey.

Seven Cycles Evergreen SL Custom Road Bike