Custom Bike Builds


At Sigma Sports we use our custom bike build service to bring the bike of your dreams to life. If like us, you understand that a bike is more than just a clever piece of engineering, it becomes a part of you, a family member, the trusted steed helping you to clock up mile after mile.

When you are looking for the ultimate experience in owning a bike nothing compares to the feeling of a custom build. Whether you are a highly experienced cyclist who’s had years of riding to find exactly what works, or you are looking to build your first custom bike we can help. 

Step 1 - Consultation

Upon arrival to the store, an expert member of staff will begin the consultation process with a conversation to understand more about you and the type of riding that you are going to be doing. This initial conversation will help us to recommend the right type of bike frame and level of components to meet the demands of your riding style. If you already know what you are looking for then our team will get straight into the frame sizing process.

Step 2 - Sizing and Bike Fit

At Sigma Sports we understand the importance of the right fitting bike. When we have an idea of your riding style, we will then take you through a pre-purchase bike fit. This system allows us to take a number of key measurements that will determine the right frame size, and potentially any brands that will work better for you. When building up a custom frame we believe it’s important to find a bike that fits you, so that you can adopt the ultimate riding position on the bike.

For the ultimate in custom bike frame sizing, we work with brands including Festka and Seven who can produce a completely unique and custom frame sizing, built specifically for your needs.

Our dedicated bike fit studio and technicians also offer a range of tailored services to ensure you are both comfortable and efficient on your new bike.

Step 3 -Build Specification

Once we have the correct frame size our team will then talk you through the options available. We have an extensive range of bikes in store including leading brands Cervelo, Festka, Seven Cycles, Specialized and Trek. Once you have chosen the right bike for you we will walk you through all the component options available. From Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 to Campagnolo Super Record we can build your bike with any groupset you desire. Everything you chose to build this bike with will be selected by you with consultation and advice from our expert members of staff. We will look at every area of the build and select the components right for your type of riding. From tyres to bar tape we will have a huge range available to choose from.

Step 4 - Build and Delivery

When you are happy with the complete build we will then arrange for all the parts to be delivered to the store and then the bike will be lovingly assembled by our CyTech qualified mechanics. They will use the measurements taken during the sizing process to make sure everything is set up correctly on the bike, including seatpost height, stack height and reach.

After Sales and Bike Fit

Once your bike is delivered we offer a number of after-sales services to ensure your dream machine is performing, as it should. With every bike purchase, we offer a free first service after 6 weeks, we’ll listen to any feedback you have and make sure everything is still running as it should.

For those looking to get the maximum efficiency and performance from their riding, a bike fit is a must. This extensive and detailed analysis of your riding position takes place in our dedicated fitting room using front and side on real time video display to analyse and perfect your position.

Online Service

Although we would always recommend travelling to the store when looking to build a custom bike our expert Customer Care Team can talk you through a custom build over the phone. Our team can source the frame and components you need, arrange for the bike to be built and then ship the bike directly to you (certain brand restrictions apply).

At Sigma Sports our philosophy is that there is a bike suitable for everyone and we’re here to help you find it and start you on your cycling journey.

For more information on Custom Bike Builds contact the sales team:
T: 0333 006 8833
E: [email protected]

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