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2XU Pro Propel Wetsuit


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Pro Propel Wetsuit
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Pro Propel Wetsuit

The Propel Pro Wetsuit is the pinnacle of wetsuit technology and design innovation that promises to give natural swimmers the ultimate flexibility and minimal water resistance for their best performance yet. This wetsuit is constructed with premium Japanese Yamamoto 45 Cell seamless shoulder and arm neoprene, providing unparalleled flexibility that allows for a full range of motion.

The Nano Super Composite Skin (SCS) hydrodynamic coating, applied to the surface of the wetsuit, minimises surface drag, increasing speed and durability. Additionally, the Velocity Strakes, integrated into the design, provide hydrodynamic stability in choppy water, helping swimmers maintain a straight line and improve their overall performance.

The core of the wetsuit is made with premium Japanese Yamamoto 39 Cell neoprene, which offers buoyancy without sacrificing flexibility. Varying in thickness throughout the wetsuit, the Yamamoto 39 Cell moves the centre of buoyancy lower, preventing sinky legs and ensuring a perfect horizontal swimming position.

The arm sleeves are equipped with an embossed concave water entrapment zone that enhances the power and feel of water, while the floating zip panel provides unrestricted movement, improving the distance per stroke.

Rollbar technology, incorporated into the design of the wetsuit, reduces buoyancy around the perimeter of the suit, allowing for snappier side-to-side rotation and eliminating dead spots in the freestyle stroke.

The neck panel of the Propel Pro Wetsuit is seam-free, providing maximum comfort and reducing chafing during extended swimming sessions. Additionally, the often-overlooked internal liner is engineered for 520% stretch, ensuring both comfort and low absorption.

In summary, the Propel Pro Wetsuit is the ultimate choice for natural swimmers seeking the best technology and design in a wetsuit. It offers flexibility, speed, durability, and comfort, all in one sleek package


  • Premium Japanese Yamamoto 45 Cell seamless shoulder and arm neoprene
  • Nano Super Composite Skin (SCS) hydrodynamic coating
  • Premium Japanese Yamamoto 39 Cell core neoprene
  • Embossed concave water entrapment zone
  • Rollbar technology
  • 520% stretch internal liner

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