Apidura Racing Frame Pack 4L

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Racing Frame Pack 4L

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This Apidura Racing Frame Pack has a capacity of 4L and is perfect for fast ultra-distance competitions or serious audax rides.

The construction is stiff and strong and the ultralight laminate material is waterproof as well so that your essentials are well protected. Fit it neatly within the frame triangle of your bike and use the protected cable port to charge your electronic accessories on-the-go.

Apidura Racing Frame Pack 4L

This 4-litre Frame Pack is part of the Apidura Racing series and is designed to be lightweight and high performance for the needs of long-distance competition and Audax riding. The thermoset material is stiff and strong, so even when fully loaded it won't distort or get in your way, instead of maintaining a neat position within the frame triangle of your bike that won't impact handling. Three secure velcro straps let you specifically position the pack to fit your frame type and then access your essentials on-the-go with zip toggles that are easily grabbed, even when wearing thick gloves. A cable port in the front lets you charge accessories whilst moving, be that a dynamo hub or external battery pack and internal dividers make it easy sort your kit to be exactly where you need it.

Highly reflective detailing adds peace of mind at night and the waterproof laminate construction, unique to Apidura, protects your kit during sudden downpours or long soggy days.


  • Universal fit across most frame sizes and styles
  • Overall weight less than 205 grams
  • Constructed from an ultralight waterproof laminate, developed specifically for Apidura
  • High-contrast reflective graphics for increased visibility
  • Protected electronics port
  • Integrated thermoset material adds stiffness and strength
  • Dimensions: Width 6cm / length 42cm / height (front to back) 5cm, 15cm, 7cm

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