Assos Mille GT Winter C2 GTO Bib Tight

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Mille GT Winter C2 GTO Bib Tight

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Assos Mille GT Winter C2 GTO Bib Tight

The Assos Mille GT Winter C2 GTO Bib Tight has been engineered specifically for demanding gravel and MTB rides in cold conditions. The primary panels are constructed from highly insulating OSMOS Heavy material to shield the legs from low temperatures. Additionally, this material is exceptionally breathable to prevent overheating when the effort intensity is high. The hip areas are layered with abrasion-resistant dynaRope fabric and feature removable pads to help protect against scuffs and falls when the rider is pushing their limits out on the trials. A double layer of material is positioned across the crotch to shield from cold winds, and waterBarrier lower legs prevent icy wheel-spray from soaking in.

A tapered cut to the legs ensures a perfect fit. This fit is secured in place on the rider by the rollBar pattern and one-piece Butterfly format around the hips that link smoothly into the broad, supportive bib straps. The Mille GTO C2 seat insert comprises three layers of foam in different densities to ensure excellent sit bone support, damping of vibrations and ventilation, while sunDeck pre-shaping to the front section supports the male anatomy. The insert is joined to the tight via the part-stitchless Golden Gate concept that enables it to glide without friction with the movements of the legs.


  • A highly technical and protective bib tight made for the longest cold-weather gravel and MTB rides
  • The primary panels are realised in highly insulating and breathable OSMOS Heavy material
  • A blasenSchutz crotch panel comprises OSMOS Light and SPHERE Ultra fabrics in a double-layer to protect from cold wind and road spray
  • waterBarrier lower legs repels wheel spray and keeps overshoes perfectly positioned
  • IMPACTOR hip panels combine abrasion resistant dynaRope textile and removable impactPads to protect against falls on the trail
  • The leg panels taper to the exact shape of the legs for a custom compressive wrap
  • The bib straps and leg panels use a rollBar construction and one-piece Butterfly format for proven stability
  • zeroWaist raw cut waist area donates a smooth, pressure free transition with the abdomen
  • The Mille GTO C2 seat insert uses microShock and filterFoam padding to cushion the sit bones and absorb road vibrations
  • The 3D Waffle construction of the seat pad foams ensures excellent ventilation
  • A pre-shaped sunDeck format to the front of the seat pad supports the male anatomy
  • The part-stitchless Golden Gate seat pad concept allows the pad to glide with the rider’s movements

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