Assos Trail Tactica HP T3 Liner Short

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Trail Tactica HP T3 Liner Short

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Assos Trail Tactica HP T3 Liner Short

Much more than just a simple under short, the Assos Trail Tactica HP T3 Liner Short is perhaps the ultimate piece to wear underneath baggies when heading off-road.

Made primarily from stretchy Polstar mesh for excellent breathability and moisture management, all the seams are reversed to eliminate chafing and the leg grippers are lightly elasticated and unrestrictive. Furthermore, the zeroPressure waist is made from a single layer of pressure-spreading fabric to ensure that the short is as light and breathable as possible. ImpactorTec T3 pads made from 7mm of flexible viscoelastic foam protect vulnerable hip bones in the event of a fall, with a jersey-soft inner face that sits against the skin.

Specifically contoured for the more upright riding position that is typical when mountain biking, the OFF-ROAD HP T3 insert uses Shock-Absorb Damping Mono9 engineering for absolute comfort. The 9mm pad features a 3D Waffle construction with three layers of perforated foam and Assos’ kraterCooler design to increase airflow, help regulate temperature and reduce moisture build-up. When riding, the goldenGate 2.0 concept means that the pad moves with the body through the pedal stroke as it is only secured to the short at the front and back leaving the middle of the chamois free to float.


  • For aggressive off-road riding
  • Polstar textile: Bi-stretch, ultra breathable cooling mesh with a hydrophilic treatment
  • Primary stitches reversed to eliminate friction
  • ImpactorTec T3: 7mm of flexible viscoelastic foam with an expanded protective footprint and kraterCooler technology for cooling airflow
  • zeroPressure waist: A soft, highly elastic waist construction that improves the comfort and hold at the waist, minus any pressure or pinching
  • Superlight Leg Grippers
  • OFF-ROAD HP T3 insert
  • Shock-Absorb Damping Mono9 engineered for more upright gravel and trail riding positions Thermoformed shaping reduces ridges and irritation
  • 3D Waffle: Three-layer, perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight
  • goldenGate 2.0: The insert is attached at the front and rear with floating sides and centre
  • New cut-outs on wings reduce volume and friction throughout the pedal stroke
  • kraterCooler: Perforations in the chamois’ leading edge draw air across the insert to maintain breathability and a dry, warm microclimate

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