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Assos Winter Gloves

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The Assos Winter Gloves are constructed from premium fabrics that bring insulation, protection and breathability, with extended length cuffs ensuring you won't get a chilly draught between your gloves and jacket.

Touchscreen friendly fingertips allow you to use your phone or GPS without letting in any cold air. You'll retain a good grip on the handlebar no matter the conditions thanks to a microfibre palm material.

Assos Winter Gloves

Don't let painful or numb fingers ruin a ride, the Assos Winter Gloves are engineered for protection in a range of conditions. windBlock on the back of the hand not only keeps the chill off but it's also a hydrophilic softshell material that keeps the heat in too. The gloves have a low-profile design that won't feel overly bulky or restrict braking or shifting functionality, and the padded microfibre palm absorbs shock in addition to improving grip against the handlebar. When you need to use your phone or GPS unit there's no need to remove your gloves and let in the cold air thanks to touchscreen-compatible fingertips.


  • windBlock: Hydrophilic softshell material, designed to retain warmth and provide great breathability
  • Microfibre palm: A lightweight, soft material that promotes grip, while also supporting and protecting the hand
  • Palm padding: Strategically positioned pads flex with hand to eliminate hot spots and bunching
  • Anatomic cut: "No wrinkle" construction creates a 3D curved structure, made possible using two separate textiles and four panels
  • Touchscreen compatible fingertips

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