Assos Zegho G2 Sunglasses with Dragonfly Copper Lens

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Zegho G2 Sunglasses with Dragonfly Copper Lens

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The Zegho G2 Sunglasses with Dragonfly Copper Lens from premium Swiss cycling brand Assos are ideal for variable UK conditions as the lens provides increased contrast whilst still allowing plenty of light through.

The triggerClick system uses a simple button press to release and change lenses rather than having to stress the lens out of the frame.

Includes: Zegho G2 frame, Dragonfly Copper lens, Crystal lens, case, cleaning cloth and RX insert

Assos Zegho G2 Sunglasses with Dragonfly Copper Lens

The Assos Zegho G2 Sunglasses with Dragonfly Copper Lens feature a super lightweight rimless design and grippy clickFace contact points so that they can be worn all day in complete comfort. The triggerClick system for changing lenses is both easy and secure; a small button on the inside of the temple releases the lens without the need to bend or force it. Ideal for UK conditions, the Dragonfly Copper lens increases contrast in low-light situations, and there is also a clear lens included for riding in darker conditions. There is even an RX insert that clips inside the lens for those riders who require corrective lenses. Of course, the Zeiss lenses block harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation and are treated front and back with Ri-Pel, which is a hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment to keep the lens as clear as possible.


  • triggerClick: With the G2's intuitive push-to-change system, swapping the lens is quick, safe, and easy
  • G2 Lens: The Carl Zeiss G2 Lens V-TORIC lens wears a lighter, more aggressive low-profile shape than the original, while still retaining the signature rimless platform that provides unobstructed vision and a superlight feel
  • Dragonfly Copper: A pink tint that balances colours to provide high-contrast vision in varying and low-light conditions
  • Light Transmission: 15.9%
  • Light Conditions: Medium Light
  • Contrast: Increased
  • Crystal: A clear optimal lens for low-light conditions and night riding. Included as a second lens with every Zegho G2
  • Light Transmission: 90%
  • Light Conditions: Low light
  • Contrast: Neutral
  • RX Insert: For those who require corrective lenses, a lightweight RX insert is included with every Zegho G2
  • Ri-Pel: All the Carl Zeiss V-TORIC lenses are equipped with Ri-Pel back and front, a high-level hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment that guarantees high performance in all weather conditions
  • TR-90 Temples: The new TR-90 temples feature a wide contact interface where they meet the lens, adding durability to the connection point. The step-down zeroPressure shape mirrors the curvature of the head, and they're finished with textured, supple clickFace inserts for a light and secure grip
  • Nosepiece: The fully adjustable nosepiece is constructed with the grippy clickFace elastomer, which conforms to the nose to provide a custom, secure fit
  • 100% UV Protection: Zeiss sun lenses work to protect your eyes and maintain healthy vision by absorbing harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation
  • Claimed weight: 27.5 grams

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