Bontrager Arvada Elite Saddle

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Arvada Elite Saddle

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Ride longer and ride stronger with the Bontrager Arvada Elite Saddle.

Offering a strong composition for a sturdy perch when riding, this extremely comfortable saddle is aimed at dedicated and committed riders, doing their best and racking up the miles. 216 grams and with Austenite rails for top strength, this saddle is sure to last well into the future.

Bontrager Arvada Elite Saddle

The Bontrager Arvada Elite Saddle aims to equip the committed and dedicated road rider with a strong, durable and reliable performance option on their bike that assures them of comfort whilst supplying them with the perfect platform on which to launch their assaults on personal bests.

216 grams in all, this saddle makes use of austenite saddle rails, offering a weight reduction over titanium rails without sacrificing strength, this saddle keeps things high performance whilst making no concessions in providing you with a high-comfort perch. Using Bontrager's inForm BioDynamic and Performance Posture 3 shaping to help pelvic rotation and sit you in a shaped yet powerful position this saddle is ideal for riders checking their times.

A Zone Density shell construction and Channel Flex zone offering the give that makes any saddle comfortable, you can be sure that pressure is taken off the critical areas around the perineum. A microfibre cover making for high-resistance, long life use, this saddle is sure to be a joy for a long time to come.


  • Performance Posture 3 for pelvic rotation
  • Channel Flex on the bottom of the shell for added compliance
  • Zone Density shell construction
  • Size-Specific Curvature ensures that each saddle is designed specific to its width
  • Austenite rails are lighter and stronger than hollow Titanium
  • inForm BioDynamic products optimise natural movement for sustained performance
  • Cover: Microfiber
  • Length: 270 mm
  • Weight: 216 grams
  • Rails: Austenite

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