Bontrager Inform Biodynamic Insoles

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Inform Biodynamic Insoles

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Achieve just the support you need while you pedal with these Bontrager Inform Biodynamic Insoles, available for high, mid and low arches.

Increasing both efficiency and comfort, inForm BioDynamics technology optimises your foot position and movement for improved performance.

Bontrager Inform Biodynamic Insoles

Optimise your foot movement and ensure you have just the support required, with the Bontrager Inform Biodynamic Insoles. With an option for riders with low, mid and high arches, these insoles are designed to create harmony between your body, shoes and bike, with comfort improved in addition to pedalling efficiency. The 3D Arch Pillar keeps your knees aligned, reducing the risk of injury, while a precision-moulded heel cup stabilises the foot and holds it securely in place when you're putting the power down. Painful hotspots can ruin a ride and the footrest metatarsal pad should prevent these from developing so you can enjoy every moment of the longest rides.

  • Blue: High arch
  • Yellow: Mid arch
  • Red: Low arch


  • Engineered for unparalleled foot control, pedalling efficiency and comfort
  • The 3D Arch Pillar provides optimal arch support for improved knee alignment
  • The precision-moulded heel cup helps to stabilise and align the foot
  • A footrest metatarsal pad helps to reduce or eliminate hot foot
  • inForm BioDynamics optimise natural movement for sustained, higher performance

Bontrager Inform Biodynamic Insoles Sizing

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