Bontrager Ion Pro RT / Flare RT2 Light Set

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Ion Pro RT / Flare RT2 Light Set
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By combining the Ion Pro RT and the Flare RT2 in one simple light set Bontrager have made staying visible simple.

The Flare RT2 gives out up to 90 lumens of red light, whilst the Ion Pro RT manages a super bright 1,300 lumens from its CREE LED. Both light also feature alternative power modes which allow for over 26 hours of illumination.

Bontrager Ion Pro RT /Flare RT2 Light Set

The Bontrager Ion Pro RT / Flare RT2 Light Set is a fantastic combination of the 90 lumen Flare RT2 rear light and the 1,300 lumen Ion Pro RT, giving great city visibility and off-road illumination too. The Ion Pro RT will give all of its 1,300 lumens for 1.5 hours, or provide up to 26 hours of light in night flashing mode, whilst the Flare RT2 rear light will blast out 90 lumens of flashing red light for six hours or up to 30 of visibility hours in night time flash mode.

Both lights can connect with Garmin and Bontrager ANT+ devices to give battery status and wireless control, and the Ion RT is Blendr mount compatible. The simple USB recharging and long burn times should mean that power is never in short supply, but should the unexpected happen then the Flare RT battery save mode will ensure 30 minutes of visibility once down to five percent power.


  • Flare RT provides ultimate visibility for any road, city or track
  • Flare RT runtime: Flash modes: 90 lumens-6 hours, 45 lumens-12 hours, 5 lumens-15 hours. Steady modes: 25 lumens-4.5 hours, 5 lumens-13.5 hours
  • Flare RT battery-save mode provides 30 minutes of additional runtime when battery life reaches 5%
  • Ion Pro RT has 1,300 lumens via high-power CREE LED
  • Ion Pro RT provides 1,300 lumens-1.5 hours, 800 lumens-3 hours, 400 lumens-6 hours, night flash-26 hours, day flash 22 hours
  • Connect with Garmin® and Bontrager ANT+ devices for always-on, battery status and wireless control
  • Includes an adjustable light mount that fits bars from 25.4 to 35.0 mm
  • Easily attaches to handlebar, helmet or bike mount
  • Includes Ion Pro RT, Flare RT, Quick Connect Mounts and a Micro USB charging cable

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